What’s the Best Wedding Theme for Your Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it always takes people overwhelmed with the tasks to be performed, things to be found, and all that stuff to be organized in one great celebration. In order to ease the process of preparations, it is good if you first find the theme of your wedding. So you could stick to it and so it would be much easier for you to filter the things you need to purchase and prepare. But how to find the theme that would satisfy your tastes best? Well, what zodiac sign have you got?

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#1 – ARIES: Time for Adventures


Being a fire sign, Aries is also the one striving for adventures. The best theme for the Aries wedding is going somewhere exotic. But if there is no such possibility, just decorate the place with globes, flags, and themed centerpieces. The invitations can be made in a form of little maps pointing the latitude and longitude (that is the address) of the celebration venue.

#2 – TAURUS: Go for Vintage


The best wedding theme for Taurus is an old-fashioned vintage style. Smoking, lacy vintage gown, vases with flowers and old photos in wooden frames – just to create the perfect traditional atmosphere.

#3 – GEMINI: Go for Partying


Gemini is all about big partying, which means an ultimate celebration. You definitely should opt for a wedding with a big amount of quests, so you could bask in the glory and be the center of everyone’s attention. By the way, don’t forget to invite the best DJ to make your celebration truly unforgettable!

#4 – CANCER: Go with Romance


Cancer is a very sentimental sign, so you will definitely like everything in pale blue, pink and white colors and many many flowers everywhere. The circle of friends and relatives will be reduced to the closest ones, and you will definitely abide by the most essential traditions like a matrimony and a flower and garter toss.

#5 – LEO: Total Glamour


Don’t misunderstand the word ‘glamour’ with thrust here. Yes, Leos definitely want to be at the center of events and all eyes should be attached to them. But along with that, they want everything to be perfect – starting from the old-fashioned theater where the wedding ceremony will be held and finishing with a perfectly curated menu.

#6 – VIRGO: Minimalist chic


With the special meticulous taste, Virgos want everything to planned to the smallest details. Besides, the white color is to be the prevailing one – the gown, the flowers, guests, tables, chairs…just to make sure you will not stand out from the crowd, having the possibility to blend in with everyone else’s.

#7 – LIBRA: Head to the Garden


For Libras, the best idea of a perfect wedding is fairy-tale. So head to the garden decorated with lights, fresh flowers, and books with poems, which everyone could take and read out loud in a poetic manner for the one-of-the-kind video memories.

#8 – SCORPIO: A Fairy-Tale in Reality


Chateau, white horses, caret, and a lavish celebration – this is how the perfect Scorpio’s wedding looks like…just like a real fairy-tale.

#9 – SAGITTARIUS: Go for Unexpected


Any plans for your wedding? Of course, no! A completely unplanned casual celebrating is the best way out for Sagittarius. Whether it’d be a beach or a cafe – it doesn’t matter. Just put on a short white dress and go drinking, dancing, and just having fun!

#10 – CAPRICORN: Go with Elegance


A traditional wedding feel with a touch of elegance is just perfect for a Capricorn. To keep everything sleek and sophisticated, opt for as many candles and ribbons as you can.  

#11 – AQUARIUS: Nautical Cruise


What could be better for a water sign than a journey on the real ship? The nautical cruise is exactly the thing! Moreover, all your closest ones will be stuck on one boat with you for as long as you want. And the nautical colors will play as such a nice background for your wedding photos.

#12 – PISCES: The Whirlwind of Romance


A white dress, a crown decorated with little delicate flowers, picnic tables and all that captured a hundred thousand times by a photographer (just to make sure no special moment goes missing). Doesn’t it look like a perfect wedding for Pisces? It truly does!

Have the most incredible wedding ever with Jiji