Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria: The Top 7

No matter how much you enjoy your work, an occasional vacation is the best way to unwind and give your mind and body some rest. One of the most important components of a great vacation is the hotel you stay in, and while some hotel room can be afforded by most travelers, there are plenty of luxury hotels in Nigeria.

Nigerian luxury hotels are located all over the country and offer the top level of comfort and service to every guest, but this comfort comes at a price. See some of the best hotels in Nigeria and find out which one is the most expensive!

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1. Lagos Oriental Hotel

Price: $160 per night

Anyone who has ever been to Lekki has seen this majestic building. It’s not the tallest or biggest hotel in Nigeria, but it’s surely the contender for the most expensive hotel in Lagos. Besides the free Wi-Fi and convenient parking, which are expected at a hotel like this, you also get barbecue facilities, a fitness center, and a bar.

Lagos Oriental Hotel

2. Abuja Sheraton Hotel And Resorts

Price: $250 per night

One of the few Sheraton hotels in Nigeria, the location in Abuja is well known among business and leisure travelers. Besides the usual conveniences like room service and free parking, you can also visit the beauty salon, casino, play tennis, or rent a car – everything that the most expensive hotel in Abuja should have can be found at Sheraton.

Abuja Sheraton Hotel And Resorts

3. Abuja Transcorp Hilton

Price: $350 per night

This Abuja hotel is part of the most famous international hotel chain, the Hilton hotels. Abuja Transcorp Hilton is ready to offer the highest standard of service to its guests. The facilities found here include an Olympic-sized pool, a conference hall, casino, laundry services, and airport car transfer so your stay here will have maximum comfort.

Abuja Transcorp Hilton

4. Ikeja Protea Hotel

Price: $370 per night

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Ikeja, Lagos, why not choose the Protea Hotel? This hotel is charming both on the outside and inside – no wonder it’s the star of thousands of vacation photos. Not only can you comfortably spend the night here, but you can also chill by the pool, have an exquisite dinner at a restaurant, use banking services, or grab a free newspaper in the lobby!

Ikeja Protea Hotel

5. Lagos Eko Hotel And Suites

Price: $210 per night

This snow-white hotel building can be seen from many points in Lagos, but what you can’t see from afar is the beautiful outdoor area complete with a sparkling pool. Visit the spa and beauty salon, play tennis in the court, or use a wide variety of business services in case you’re visiting Lagos for business – this Victoria Island hotel will let you do all that and more!

Lagos Eko Hotel And Suites

6. Port Harcourt Hotel Presidential

Price: $220 per night

This may not be the most expensive hotel in Nigeria, but it’s certainly the most expensive one in Port Harcourt. There are many reasons why a tourist chooses this particular hotel in Port Harcourt: it is conveniently located, it has a 24/7 power supply, and there are so many things to do here if you get bored, from playing table tennis to visiting the trendy night club.

Port Harcourt Hotel Presidential

7. Lagos Intercontinental Hotel

Price: $300 per night

This hotel is also part of the internationally renowned chain, and, like Hilton and Sheraton, it’s beloved by Nigerian and foreign visitors alike. Equipped with wheelchair access and comfortable rooms, Lagos Intercontinental Hotel is ready to welcome any guest. Additionally, you can visit several restaurants with different cuisines, relax at a shisha bar, and rejuvenate in the outdoor pool.

Lagos Intercontinental Hotel

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