Fulani Hair Secrets You Should Definitely Try

Fulani people is a nation that lives all over the West Africa (and the world, really), with one of the biggest communities in Nigeria. More than 90% of Fulani are Muslim, which greatly influenced their culture and lifestyle.

People of this ethnicity rely heavily on their traditions, some of their tribes still lead a nomadic life. Their fashion is full of traditional trends too, and Fulani hairstyles are known to be original and beautiful, while still based on the old and traditional ones.

So, if you want to try such a hairstyle, here are a few Fulani hair secrets, that might help you with that.

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In fashion, there are no strictly defined patterns and templates. For an outfit or hairstyle to fit, you should be able to adjust most of the details to your appearance.

Nevertheless, every style consists of details that should not be changed in order to keep this particular style to stay recognizable. Fulani hairstyles have such details too, here are a few of them:

1. Braids

As in the most traditional African hairstyles, Fulani African hair braiding plays an important role in the creation of the look. Cornrows are found the most often, didi braids are used too, but they are relatively rare.

Braids are usually woven into an elaborate ornament; their ends are usually either bundled or freely hang from the sides. The free ends are often decorated with red beads or some other type of jewelry.Fulani African hair braiding fulani hairstyle fulani hair style

2. Decoration

Fulani women are famous for applying various decorations to their hair, let’s talk about some of the most common of them. Firstly, veils play an important part in Fulani life, as they come from a direct influence of their religion.

Differently colored veils are often incorporated into the hairstyle, underlining one part of it and hiding all the rest.

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fulani hair secrets

Another common decoration is bright, preferably golden, thread. It is woven into or around of some braids, which creates a magical feel of separate golden locks. Sometimes these locks are shaped into rings or spirals.

Beads and other pieces of jewelry work well with Fulani motifs too. The size of the bead doesn’t really matter, but the bigger – the better, the more attention you can get.

3. Braid ornaments

Fulani and their neighbors, Hausa, are very close, there are even quite a number of tribes that can be characterized as Fulani-Hausa ones. Obviously, in tribes like this, there is a mix of cultures, that’s why there are so much Hausa Fulani hairstyles with awesome braid ornaments. Here are pictures of a few of them:Braid ornaments

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