Funke Akindele Ankara Styles: Dress Like A Star

Funke Akindele is a leading Nigerian actress who is known for much more than her acting talent. Besides being a famous Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele is also a fashion icon whose outfits captivate everyone’s attention whenever the actress is seen in public.

Funke Akindele has a surprisingly diverse fashion sense and has rocked all styles and silhouettes one can imagine. See a complete guide to Funke Akindele fashion style and use it as an inspiration for creating your own charming wardrobe.

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1. Funke Akindele Ankara styles

Like a true Nigerian lady, Funke Akindele is a big fan of the Ankara print that she loves to wear anywhere and in every shape. Of course, Ankara dresses are the most common kind of Ankara clothing you can see on Funke Akindele, although the occasional blouse, skirt, or trousers, are also not a rare sight.

As an avid fashionista, Funke Akindele doesn’t stick to one dress length or shape, which is why we can see the beloved actress in anything from knee-length pencil skirt dresses with a surprising split to floor-length elegant Ankara gowns that are worthy of royalty.

Funke Akindele also doesn’t shy away from casual styles: when she’s not busy attending a movie premiere or fashion week, the Nigerian icon can often be seen in playful Ankara sundresses that are a favorite type of clothing for thousands of Nigerian ladies. Check out the best photos of Funke Akindele in Ankara dress below!

funke akindele ankara styles

 Funke Akindele in Ankara dres

funke akindele style

2. Funke Akindele wedding dress

Funke Akindele has been married for almost a year now – her big day took place in August 2016, when she and the renowned Nigerian rapper JJC Skillz tied the knot. The event wasn’t too fancy, as the couple stated they wanted a small and quiet wedding. Nevertheless, everyone was dying to find out what the happy bride wore for the wedding.

The event took place in London, and, like many Nigerian brides, Mrs. Akindele opted for a costume change, which is why the star wore both the traditional and the white outfit during her wedding. The guests, and later the fans, were captivated by how radiant the actress looked in her wedding outfits.

Funke Akindele wedding dress

3. Funke Akindele style: casual and red carpet

Celebrities have lots of ways to showcase their style and unique fashion taste, and Funke Akindele is no exception. We love seeing what the actress wears to the red carpet, social events, and while running errands. It needs to be said that Mrs. Akindele looks absolutely flawless on any occasion.

The recent looks of Funke Akindele are the biggest proof that the actress knows what to wear and how to wear it. No matter what she’s wearing, simple skinny trousers with a top or a stunning evening dress by a famous designer, she looks exactly like a celebrity should. Take a look at some of the greatest Funke Akindele looks from the past months.

Funke Akindele style

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