Men’s Hats Style Guide For Stylish Nigerian Men

Hats have been must-have accessories for men for centuries, but in the middle of 20th century, everyone seems to have forgotten about them. Right now, they are coming back to conquer modern fashion, and there are a lot more popular hat styles then there ever were before! If you are not that familiar with them or just want to choose one for your outfit, take a look at this men’s hats style guide.

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Different styles of costumes require different styles of men’s hats, that’s why you need to think carefully before choosing one. Here are men’s hat styles that deserve the most amount of attention:

1. Fedora

Fedora hat comes straight from 1950, and although it has its gangster vibe from that age, now it also has some modern implications. Wearing it with a classic costume will make you look really old school, but you can wear it with casual clothes too – fedora styles are limitless.

2. Bowler

19th-century mom had no style unless he has been wearing his bowler hat. Being even older in origin, this hat will give off more hipster vibes, it works well long coats or sharp costumes. There are also hats with different decorations on them, from small bows to feathers.

3. Hausa

Traditional Nigerian Hausa cap is a killer choice for your wedding outfit. It works well with different types of traditional clothing. For example, it makes a great combination with a senator shirt.

4. The Boater

This usually straw hat comes from early jazz musicians. It’s one of the hat types that works great in hot and steamy weather, it looks especially great with light and warm-colored clothing. It usually has a wide band around it, with the help of which you can achieve one of more unique hat styles.

5. Flat cap

The flat cap is also often mentioned as a cabby hat, which makes its origins fairly obvious. Its style is fairly modest and reserved. It is commonly worn with casual or semi-casual clothes. This cap is often made out of wool or leather and makes for a nice detail in your daily attire.

6. Baseball cap

Baseball hats are even more casual and fun (if done properly) accessories. They may be looked upon as hats for teenagers, but in reality, anyone who wears them looks good. They may even make you look younger just from a stylistic perspective. You can find simple cotton or jeans cap or buy the one that has your sports team logo on. You can also find caps that will reflect your other hobbies, just use some time to find them and you won’t regret it.

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