Nigerian Gates Designs For A Beautiful Home

Gates may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think about exterior design, but, in fact, gates are very important for two reasons. First, they help you maximize the security of your estate. Second, they add to your home’s visual appeal and show off your exquisite taste.

In the past beautiful gates could only be afforded by the rich and famous, but today most homeowners can add a gate of their choice to their property. Check out the latest gate designs in Nigeria and find your new favorite steel or iron gate!

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1. How to choose gates

There are two most important choices you’ll need to make while looking for new gates for your home. The first one is the choice of the material. You can choose from iron, steel, or aluminum. All of these metals are highly durable and practical, so it’s best to pick according to your budget.

The net choice you’ll need to make is the choice between sliding and swinging gates. A swinging gate is an ideal option for houses with large driveways and front yards while sliding gates fit narrow driveways best. A sliding gate with an automatic opening system is the most expensive gatehouse design, but it’s also the most convenient and modern one.

2. Fence gates

This type of iron gate design is rapidly becoming the most popular one among Nigerian homeowners, which is very understandable: a fence gate is done together with the fence, which allows you to give your estate a finished look.

Fence gates can be solid, but most of them allow passersby to have a peek inside the estate, so if you worry about security and don’t want anyone to watch you from outside, go for a solid gate design.

3. Single gate

The single gate design is mostly chosen by homeowners who install an automatic gate. With a single click on the button, the gate goes up or to the side, allowing you to conveniently park your car or enter the house.

The majority of single gates are made of solid materials, which allows you to paint them any way you like – for example, you can hire an artist to paint your gate in an intricate and elegant pattern that will help you stand out from the neighborhood.

4. Aluminum gates

Aluminum gate designs have at least one strong advantage over the rest of gates in Nigeria: they are highly durable and can resist corrosion and other elements for decades. That is why aluminum gates fit best in aggressive environments. For example, if you own a house by a salty body of water, aluminum gates are the most practical choice for you.

5. Tall gates

If you’re constructing a no-expense-spared mansion and want the gates to match the overall luxury feel of the house, go for tall gates. Most people are used to seeing this type of gates at the entrances to parks, churches, and other public spaces, but a tall gate is also an excellent way to make an impression on anyone approaching your estate.

6. Ornamental gates

Perhaps, the most aesthetically pleasing fence design in Nigeria is an ornamental gate made of iron or steel and decorated with sophisticated patterns. This kind of gates requires a lot of fine work, so make sure to find the manufacturer with the highest level of skill – only then the ornamental gates will meet your expectations.

7. Steel gates

Steel gates are the number one option for homeowners who care about the visual appeal of their house but also want to maximize the security of their estate. Steel is the gate material that ensures maximum protection, so if you want the gate to your home to function as a shield for your household, there is no better choice than a steel gate.

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