Toke Makinwa Fashion Styles You Will Adore

Toke Makinwa is one of the most famous media personalities in Nigeria, and apart from being a great host of multiple events and a bestselling author she is a gorgeous woman with a great sense of style and understanding of modern fashion trends.

She looks great in almost every outfit she wears, which just may be an important part to her success and relevance.

What’s even more impressive, Toke Makinwa fashion is so on point and full of brave and creative choices that she has started a lot of her own fashion trends. To prove the point, here are just a few examples of Toke Makinwa style you will definitely be impressed by.

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1. Ankara styles

Being rich and famous person, Toke, however, doesn’t exclusively wear products from big western fashion designer houses and stuff from exclusive fashion collections. Instead, she is known to support Nigerian designers and designs.

Toke Makinwa Ankara styles look gorgeous, she just continues to reinvent them and turning them back into trend.

2. Pants and suits styles

A lot of times Toke has been proving that women don’t need long dresses and skirts to look feminine. Pants and especially full-on suits look great on girls, too, that’s why Toke isn’t too shy to wear them.

These outfits underline her figure, especially her waistline, really well, while at the same time they make her look more confident and strong.

3. Classic cocktail and evening dresses

Of course, being a celebrity requires from you to attend a lot of parties and other similar events. That’s why it is not surprising that on many occasions Toke has appeared on public in gorgeous dresses with various cuts and different color schemes.

One of the best and most standing out examples of such a style would be Toke Makinwa wedding dress. It presents a great combination of lace and silk, it looks very original and unique and it suits Toke really well.

Maybe Toke Makinwa marriage didn’t work so well after all, but this dress will forever stay in our hearts as the best part of it.

4. Jeans styles

To explore all the diversity in this Nigerian celebrity fashion style, let’s explore more casual side of it. Toke often appears in public in jeans and a T-shirt or a hoodie. Although these styles are so simple that a lot of us wear them every day, Toke still looks gorgeous in them.

Yet again she shines with confidence, her look has some kind of an edge and almost a challenge to it. Probably, the deal here is not only in the clothing itself, but also in person that wears it. Toke’s attitude only strengthens the feel you get, when you see her outfit.

That’s why we love her and that’s why you should remember that personality matters even more than the outfit you wear.

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