Bella Naija Fashion: Top Styles For 2017

There are several major online fashion magazines, but none of them is as beloved or as influential as bella naija ankara styles gallery. The website was founded in 2006, and since then has provided millions of Nigerian women with advice on style, fashion, and everything in between.

Bella Naija fashion areas of interest include casual clothing, native wear, wedding gowns, and any other type of women’s clothes you can think of. Check out the best Bella Naija fashion dresses of 2017!

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1. Bella Naija Aso Ebi

We simply had to start with BellaNaija Asoebi, since it’s one of the most popular styles among Nigerian fashionistas. According to Bella Naija, the best way to rock an Aso Ebi outfit is to combine two colors.

The most elegant combinations are made with two contrasting shades – for example, turquoise and coral, peach and mint, or green and bronze. However, you can also successfully wear a fully monochrome Aso Ebi: for example, a golden Aso Ebi with golden accessories will surely make an impression on every guest of the event you’re heading to!

2. Bella Naija Ankara styles

Native Styles on BellaNaija are another very popular topic: every day you can expect the website to feature at least a couple of trendy and authentic Ankara outfits. Here you can find Ankara in every color, shape, and cut imaginable.

The most popular Ankara styles featured on Bella Naija include casual and evening gowns, tops, skirts, and trousers, as well as jumpsuits. There are even family-style Ankara Bella Naija dresses so that you could rock your favorite Ankara fabric together with your little fashionista!

3. Bella Naija chiffon styles

Chiffon is a very delicate fabric that is used for creating the most elegant and feminine dresses in Nigerian fashion. Of course, Nigeria’s leading fashion website couldn’t stay outside from the growing chiffon trend, which is why there are plenty of Bella Naija designs from chiffon to admire.

Chiffon is a fabric that looks best in various dresses, from flirty casual ones to elegant evening gowns. However, you can also rock your beloved chiffon fabric in skirts, blouses and other tops that look especially great with other native Nigerian wears.

4. Bella Naija wedding gowns

What kind of girl doesn’t dream about her wedding? If you have your big day coming up and aren’t sure what to wear to make the right impression, Bella Naija is here to help! On BN you can find inspiration for all kinds of wedding gowns, from classic to avant-garde ones.

Traditional wedding gowns are usually subjected to a rather strict set of rules, but a white wedding is where you can let your gown reflect your fashion sense and latest trends. We especially love the Bella Naija bridal train dresses for their regal look that makes every happy bride feel like a fairytale princess.

5. Bella Naija casual styles

You already know what the 2017 Bella Naija fashion style has in store for special occasions, but what about everyday wear? Nigerian ladies want to go to work and live every day while looking impeccable, and, luckily for everyone, there are so many casual Bella Naija styles to get you inspired!

Whether you are in a mood for a plain white shirt with skinny black trousers, a charming short casual dress, or a full denim look, you can find your ideal outfit while browsing through Bella Naija’s latest fashion posts.

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