Bella Naija Bridal Train Dresses: 20 Fresh Styles

Even though the bride should be the centre of attention at her own wedding, a lot of effort goes into styling the bridal train dresses. If you’re a fan of Bella Naija fashion and are planning a wedding soon, here are 20 Bella Naija bridal train dresses you’re guaranteed to love!

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1. Short lace bridal train dresses

While most Bella Naija bridal train styles are long, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose adorable short gowns with elegant lace bodices for your wedding!

2. Half-peplum bridal train gowns

As always, peplums are a popular choice for designing Bella Naija bridesmaid dresses, but you can make your Bella Naija bridal train even more interesting by going for the half-peplum design.

3. Champagne bridal train gowns

Sometimes the simplest choice of Bella Naija wedding bridal train dresses is the most effective one: the flattering champagne colour of these dresses works great with the simple silhouettes.

4. Off-shoulder bridal train dresses

Another big trend in BellaNaija chief bridesmaid dresses is the off-shoulder design that is equally sophisticated and seductive.

5. Hot pink bridal train gowns

A great choice of a bridal train dress colour is hot pink – it’s one of the most feminine colours out there, it looks perfect with any skin tone, and it plays brilliantly against the bride’s white gown.

6. Monochrome bridal train gowns

Wondering how to make Nigerian maid of honour dresses stand out? Simply go for the monochrome colour scheme when dressing your bridal train and make the chief bridesmaid’s dress colour a little different!

7. Colourful bridal train dresses

Here is a proof that Bella Naija bridal train gowns don’t have to be identical to look good! Even dresses from different colour palettes can be a good fit for the bridal train if you style them the same way.

8. Burgundy bridal train gowns

For a dramatic take on BellaNaija dresses, check out this collection of gorgeous burgundy gown! And note how great can white chief bridesmaid dress look when paired with the burgundy outfits of other bridesmaids!

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9. Two-tone bridal train dresses

Another fresh idea for styling your bridal train is dressing the ladies in different versions of the same colour – in this example, lilac. This monochrome bridal train looks fantastic in photos!

10. Satin bridal train gowns

Satin can be seen at many BellaNaija weddings: it’s a popular choice for Nigerian wedding gowns, but it can also be a great option for styling the bridal train.

11. Bridal train dresses with floral details

Sometimes bridal train gowns in a neutral colour can look underwhelming, and the easiest way to elevate their style is to add some elegant decorations – for example, floral detailing along the neckline.

12. Patterned bridal train gowns

A simple way to make sure your bridal train stands out wherever you go is to dress the girls in similar patterned gowns. The black fringe detailing is an excellent choice too!

13. Short bridal train gowns

Short gowns are not the most common choice for Nigerian bridal train, but it’s only a matter of time until short and simple dresses become much more popular!

14. Aso Ebi bridal train gowns

Of course, Bella Naija traditional wedding styles cannot be imagined without Aso Ebi – in this case, the elegant burgundy Aso Ebi in a variety of designs.

15. Turquoise bridal train dresses

The fresh and modern turquoise colour can be a great alternative to the more traditional wedding colours like pink, peach, and yellow.

16. White bridal train gowns

Some people can’t imagine white bridesmaid gowns at a wedding, but it’s a perfect choice for the brides who are not afraid to be overshadowed by their bridesmaids.

17. Red bridal train dresses

Do you prefer timeless and classic bridesmaid dress designs? Then consider sophisticated red gowns for your bridal train!

18. Sky blue bridal train dresses

A popular way to style the bridal train lately is to go for the most delicate colours possible while still keeping to the theme of the wedding, and these sky blue gowns couldn’t be a better choice!

19. Alternative bridal train looks

A great way to subvert anyone’s expectations is to choose trousers for your bridal train at least for some part of the wedding day!

20. Black and white bridal train gowns

This is how you do a wedding in style! Black and white are the ultimate elegant combo that looks fabulous in a bridal train.

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