Blackberry Classic Price In Nigeria 2017

Blackberry has always been known as a company, which makes ideal products for a businessman. Their phones were one of the first smartphones, their original design and unique capabilities were greatly appreciated. But, with increasing popularity of iPhones and Android phones, Blackberry was becoming less and less relevant. The company has tried making their own touchscreen phones, but this experiment wasn’t successful.

In 2014, Blackberry has returned to its roots by launching Blackberry Classic. Featuring the classic QWERTY-keyboard, this phone was very weird to see among all the touchscreen devices. However, this product was and stays successful. So, how much is Blackberry Classic right now? Take a look at this Blackberry Classic review to find out!

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Blackberry Classic is a great phone both for fans of the original Blackberry phones and for new, unfamiliar users. Of course, as any phone, it has its advantages and disadvantages, here are some of them:

1. Keyboard

Classic QWERTY-keyboard is a trademark feature for the Blackberry devices. Love it or hate it, you cannot argue that it is easy to use and will be a great choice for older people, which cannot handle the modern touchscreen devices. Four navigation buttons and shortcut keys will make your phone use more intuitive and fast.

2. Hardware

In comparison with the smartphones that came out around the same time, Blackberry Classic specs are pretty decent. With 2 Gb of RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU, it is as fast as the best of them. 8 MP rare and 2 MP front cameras are all right, but definitely not a choice for professional photographers.

One of the Blackberry Classic’s disadvantages is its display. If you’ve ever owned a touchscreen device, the Classic’s 3.5-inch screen will be really small for you, and some people can be perplexed with its square format.

3. Software

This phone runs on the company’s own operating system, Blackberry OS 10.3. A lot of people have said that the software is a weak part of the Blackberry phones, but this version of the OS has a support of the Android apps. This greatly improves the phone’s functionality, but some apps have problems with the Classic’s screen size and ratio.

4. Price

At the time, the phone’s price was $449. Blackberry Classic price in Nigeria in 2017 is, depending on where you’re planning to buy it, is from ₦70,000 to ₦105,000. Overall, the Blackberry Classic price in Nigeria is completely justified, and if you like phones with a physical keyboard, you should definitely try it.

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