Queen Nwokoye Fashion: 7 Best Looks

We love Nollywood actresses for many reasons: their incredible acting talent, kind spirit, adorable families, and philanthropy. Moreover, there is one more big reason to admire Nigerian film stars – their impeccable fashion sense.

Queen Nwokoye made her film debut when she was 22, and since then she built quite an acting portfolio. Her image is another big part of her popularity, as thousands of Nigerian fashionistas dream of trying Queen Nwokoye fashion styles. Check out 7 of her best recent looks!

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1. Black sequin dress

One of the most memorable parts of Queen Nwokoye fashion is her red carpet style. For her 2016 AMAA appearance, the actress chose a black dress with mesh sleeves and sparkly silver sequins, which add a fun touch to the look and help Queen stand out with her fashion choice.

2. Jeans + striped top

We all love Queen’s style for special occasions, but her casual fashion sense is equally great. The actress knows that there is no better option for a casual look than skinny jeans and a stylish striped top, and adding Adidas Yeezy sneakers takes this outfit to the next level of fashion.

3. Green lace dress

As a true Nigerian fashion star, Queen couldn’t stay aside from the most popular dress trend of the last few years – the delicate lace. There are dozens of Queen Nwokoye lace styles to admire, but fans particularly loved this green garment, especially the fabulous jewelry.

4. Yellow pleated skirt

One of the best strategies for creating a gorgeous look is choosing one central element and building the rest of the outfit around it. With this look, Queen Nwokoye stuns in a charming yellow pleated skirt that she paired with a black sleeved top and trendy sandals that are a true fashion must-have this year.

5. White maxi dress

When the occasion calls for something fashionable a high-end, Queen Nwokoye certainly knows what to wear. This white sparkly streamlined dress would be fit for the most elegant wedding, but the relaxed hairstyle balances out the look and makes it perfect for just any event.

6. Ankara top + leggings

As an actress in love with Nigerian fashion, Queen Nwokoye owns numerous Ankara clothing items. Queen Nwokoye Ankara styles mostly include various dresses, but this cute Ankara top, paired with flattering black leggings, is the ideal outfit for running errands or meeting with friends, which is exactly what Queen is doing in this photo.

7. Red train dress

Now here is a red carpet look that any Nollywood and Hollywood star would be lucky to own! This dress has every component of a successful red carpet outfit: the off-shoulder neckline, the luxurious red fabric, the majestic train, and a masterful use of accessories.

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