How To Dress For Success! Best Office Fashion Items You Should Have!

Fine dress helps to impress, and first impressions are most lasting. Every day, millions of Nigerians wake up with a question: “What to wear to work?” Dressing for success in the workplace sometimes is as important as hard and persistent work. For example, wearing ripped jeans to a meeting with your future partners, when you are the representative of the economic corporation or law firm, is not the best idea.

Office wear is still greatly dependent on conventional or strict dress code, which requires using style as one of the corporate tools. Nevertheless, it does not mean that all your office dresses have to be lackluster. Office wear can be stylish, and it should be stylish. Are you ready to find out some secrets and ideas for a business look?

How to dress for success?

First, you judge how nice, then you judge how wise. Before showing the world what a great professional you are, catch attention by the attractive outfit. For this, it is enough to remember just several rules.

1. Plan beforehand. Looking good is not an easy task, and it requires quite a lot of preparations. The least you can do is choose an outfit for the next day in the evening. Thus, you will spend less time in the morning, avoid stresses, and consider everything strategically.

2. Consider tailored models. Any ill-fitting outfit is able to destroy all of your efforts. Sometimes pretty clothes are impossible to adjust on your own, so it is necessary to find a talented tailor, who will be able to invent something new or adjust the clothes.

3. Keep it simple. Accessories are important, but too many of them is the sign of the bad taste. You can leave what is the most important and experiment with the abundance of accessories in your free time. For business style outfit, pick only one item, which will add a highlight in your image.

4. Proper undergarment. The undergarment is important for two reasons: it flatters the body, making the most polished dresses fit, and it helps you to feel comfortable.

5. Focus on the basics. It is hard to withstand the temptation of new trends, but many of them do not last long. Instead of choosing oversophisticated clothes and jewelry, invest in timeless basics. They are always on trend and always appropriate.

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The items you should have

The dress code, even the strict one, does not mean forgetting about style and fashion. Although picking items for your wardrobe is a very personal case, there are clothes everyone should have. Here are some ideas.

White top, black bottom

The classic combination always works out. You may look for original designs and replace white with light cream or beige colors.

office style

office style

office style

office style

Black top, white bottom

The opposite combination works the same way.

office style

office style


Floral prints and embroidery are allowed for special occasions. Monochromic dresses can fit perfect for both formal and informal occasions.

office style office style office style office style


Straight, pleaded, mini, maxi, etc. – they are available in different variations. Pick what fits your body type best.

office style


Although far in the list, it is one of the most important elements for the world of office fashion.

office style office style office style


Business casual is allowed on every Friday almost in all companies around the globe. Choose this as a chance to wear pretty clothes and remind how stylish you are.

office style office style


Some say denim is not for office. We’ll say, you just need to choose wisely.

office style office style office style



It is vitally important to find fitting shoes, which are comfortable. The range is wide – from high heels to sneakers.

office style

office style


Bags can and are quite likely to become the final flourish for your look.

office style office style office style

Find your own style and dress for success!