Moyo Lawal Fashion Styles You Will Love

Moyo Lawal is already a household name in Nigeria even though the actress hasn’t been around for too long. One of the reasons for her popularity is her incredible fashion sense that helps her stand out at any event. Check out the best of the latest Moyo Lawal fashion styles right now!

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1. Moyo Lawal Ankara and lace styles

Whether it’s for special events or for running errands, Moyo Lawal can’t seem to get enough of two of the favourite materials of Nigerian fashionistas – Ankara and lace.

The colour scheme of the first Ankara gown is unusually subdued for Moyo, but this brown and beige Ankara dress works great nonetheless.

Styling an Ankara dress with a vibrant pattern is easy – you just let the pattern speak for itself while keeping the silhouette rather simple, just like Moyo did.

The classic long gown shape of the dress can be made much more interesting with an addition of a different fabric – for example, some elegant black lace.

When the occasion requires Moyo Lawal to wear something special, she knows how not to disappoint – this aqua lace Aso Ebi with a cute bow is one of the best styles she’s ever worn.

The next grey lace dress worn by Moyo would be cute enough but quite simple if it wasn’t for the gorgeous silver train and coral beads.

2. Moyo Lawal dress styles

Even though Moyo is a big fan of traditional Nigerian fabrics, she never misses a chance to wear other trendy dress styles.

Moyo Lawal is well-known for her love of mini dresses that she wears anywhere. This grey mini dress is made 100x classier with an addition of a black blazer.

The next Moyo’s mini dress is very different from the first one but is equally beautiful: the lively yellow colour and the amazing jewelry are what we like about the look the most.

Moyo isn’t afraid of horizontal stripes: this cute dress brings out the best features of her figure and is the perfect example of a casual gown.

Moyo Lawal never misses a chance to add some drama to her look: there is a dozen elements in this outfit that are simply flawless together.

Sometimes Moyo Lawal dresses look unusually mature for the actress – like this sophisticated burgundy long gown with golden detailing.

Moyo knows that a successful look is all about the accessories, which is why she paired this already stunning floral maxi dress with the perfect accent – a wide red belt.

3. Moyo Lawal casual styles

Moyo Lawal never takes fashion lightly – even when she’s simply posing for pictures on Instagram or going shopping, her casual style is a sight to behold.

In her first look Moyo masterfully incorporated the pastel trend into her look, and it’s safe to say that everyone was happy with the result.

A great casual look is all about the balance, which is demonstrated here by Moyo’s pairing of wide-legged trousers and a tight-fitting blouse.

It’s unusual to see Moyo Lawal in an outfit that is almost office-appropriate, but the whole look couldn’t fit her personality better.

Even a simple combination of blue skinny jeans and a dusty pink satin blouse looks like a designer outfit on Moyo Lawal.

How about some athleisure chic? The actress looks super cute in her sporty outfit that she wore for her latest film role.

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