Timaya: House and Cars

Timaya is one of those celebrities, whose stories can inspire others. He was a plantain seller, dreaming to become a professional musician. Now, Timaya’s latest car and Timaya’s new house are among the most discussed.

Timaya’s house and cars: prequel

The rapper, whose real name is Inetimi Alfred Odon, says that his music represents the struggle and quest for life changes. It is not just something personal – it is an attempt to create something people will like and pick up. He aims to tell the stories and encourage people to share theirs. Some fans find motivation in Timaya’s lyrics, the others in pictures of Timaya’s house and cars.

Timaya house and cars

Living in a family with 15 children, the Timaya’s house may seem that attempt to get more personal space, and it is quite impressive. The father wanted him to become a banker, but counting models in Timaya’s car garage must have seemed a better prospect than counting someone else’s money. Besides, the rapper admits that he always loved entertainment, and Timaya’s mansion is good evidence.

As a boy, he even escaped from home and spent nearly a year on the streets. And yet, today, Timaya’s house in Lagos is in the list of most expensive in the country.

Timaya’s house in Nigeria

You may suppose that the singer leaves your dream life, but Timaya’s house in Lekki with estimated N250 million reminds that it is the clear truth. The dwelling is very spacious, with personal studio and certainly a swimming-pool, and with for furniture and interior design. At least, these photos of the interior claim it is so.

Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house Timaya house

Timaya is also reported to have a house in Port Harcourt – the 1-million Naira mansion, located in the place, where the singer spent the huge part of his childhood.

Timaya house

Timaya’s cars

As you properly know, the singer is a great fan of fashionable cars. According to the latest reports, he owns six luxurious models.

Range Rover Sport 2013 (N17 mln)

This is a model from the second generation of most technically advanced cars produced by the company.

Timaya cars

Lexus SUV 2015 (N18 mln)

The full-size luxury vehicle features elegant interior and exterior, provides a fair set of tech options, and guarantees ultimate comfort. One of the first luxury crossovers on the market, Lexus still remains the benchmark in the category.

Timaya cars

Range Rover Sport 2016 (N19 mln)

The updated version of the previous model introduced a possibility to drive without hands on a steering wheel, speed control system, entertainment system, and air suspension, which lowers a car when it rests on a parking lot.

Timaya cars

Mercedes Benz Gle (N25 mln)

The long-awaited model was designed to impress. The combination of sports features, dynamics, agile handling, charismatic confidence, universality and hardness of an SUV opens the way to the list of most successful Mercedes models.

Timaya cars

Bentley Continental GT (N35 mln)

The luxurious car is produced on the company’s main factory. The basic standard assembly features leather interior, advanced steering features, infotainment system with high-level navigation features, multi-zone climate control, and smart front seats with memory function.

Timaya cars

Mercedez Benz G55 AMG (N70 mln)

This series has been produced since 1979, preserving it’s the unique interior regardless of modification and time. AMG is an even more upgraded version of the car – highly powerful and even more comfortable.

Timaya cars

It is complicated to guess, which model will become the next Timaya’s new car, but it will not be cheaper than a couple of millions of Naira.

You may be happy for a favorite rap singer or get jealous, but in any case, this story motivates and inspires to follow your dreams. For instance, you can consider buying your own house in Lekki, something cozy and welcoming. With Jiji, your inspiration is easier to turn into action.