Uru Eke Fashion Styles You Will Love

Uru Eke is known for many things: her acting talent, her producing abilities, her brilliant career in IT that she gave up to become a film star, and, of course, her impeccable fashion sense. Each one of the new Uru Eke fashion styles gets wide praise from fans and fashion critics. Check out Uru’s best looks right now!

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1. Uru Eke Ankara and lace styles

The wardrobe of a true Nollywood star like Uru Eke can’t be imagined without a variety of authentic lace and Ankara outfits. Here are our favorite ones.

With the first Uru Eke Ankara style, the actress teaches us all a lesson on color coordination – who would have known this pairing could look so good?

For one of this year’s red carpet event, the star of Rumour Has It went for one of the most elegant and sophisticated Uru Eke lace styles we’ve seen in a long time.

Sometimes the most effective way to make an outfit shine is to make the vibrant print of the dress do the talking – just like Uru Eke did here.

According to most fashion experts, there is no better color for bringing out the woman’s femininity and elegance than burgundy, which is why Uru was very smart to use it in her lace gown.

The Ankara print often works best when paired with a solid color, which is why Uru Eke’s outfit consisting of a plain white top and gorgeous Ankara skirt will definitely inspire a lot of fashionistas.

2. Uru Eke dresses

Besides Ankara and lace styles, Uru Eke wears plenty of dresses, both to red carpet events and other occasions. Check out the cutest recent dresses worn by Uru!

Red is always the quickest way to make a fashion statement, and Uru Eke looks simply dazzling in her bright red dress with rhinestone detailing.

The combination of black and gold is one of the most regal ones in today’s fashion, and seeing it on Uru in a perfectly fitted dress makes you realize once again that she’s a very sharp dresser.

The more you look at the next gown, the more details it reveals: the rich blue color, the lace fragments, and the puffed sleeves together create a very stylish look.

For her recent photoshoot with a co-star, Uru Eke went for a simple yet very impressive look: a short pearl-white dress is both playful and quite sophisticated.

What can be more appropriate for a daytime stroll than a mini coral dress with a very straightforward cut? Of course, Uru’s flawless hair and makeup make the whole look even better.

3. Uru Eke casual styles

As a true fashionista, Uru Eke takes her style very seriously – even when she’s simply running errands. Take a look at her cutest casual looks!

How to elevate a combination of flirty shorts and a white tank top? With the help of an elegant white sleeveless blazer and a pair of beautiful heels!

Uru Eke took the popular peplum skirt trend and added a unique twist to it by pairing the skirt with a highly fashionable yellow crop top to create a color block effect.

If you’re looking for ideas for effortless yet adorable casual looks, take a cue from Uru Eke and her fabulous pairing of ripped jeans and sheer black blouse.

Uru Eke is famously sporty, which is why we can often catch glimpses of her athleisure style, like this cool combination of print leggings, comfy sneakers, and a white top.

If there’s anyone who could make the double denim trend work, it’s Uru Eke, whose relaxed and confident approach to style is exactly what it takes to look flawless!

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