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There’s only two weeks left until the most romantic day of the year. If you haven’t prepared Valentine’s Day gifts, now is your best time to start Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Check out our ultimate Valentine gifts list and find the best Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for your special other!

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1. What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

On February 14th every man is looking forward to receiving something special as the token of your love. Here are the Valentine gifts for him for you to consider.

1. Drinks

Alcohol can always be found on the list of men’s Valentines gifts, and you can surprise your sweetheart with a bottle of his favourite drink. Is it whisky, wine, beer, or brandy? Shop affordable and high quality drinks on Jiji.

2. Wallet

A wallet is a must-have accessory for men of any age, but many guys are overlooking this important part of their image. A beautiful wallet from Jiji will always be a welcome gift, but if you’re looking for creative Valentines Day gifts for boyfriend, you can have it exclusively monogrammed!

3. Beard oil

Is your man proud of his beard and loves taking care of it? Help him in this journey by giving one of the most popular Valentines Gift for boyfriend in 2018 – a bottle of high quality beard oil! You can even go one step further and create a whole beard care kit!

4. Coffee maker

Many guys can’t start their day without a cup of delicious hot coffee. If your special other makes his coffee the old-fashioned way, surprise him this Valentine’s Day with a modern and functional coffee maker that you’ll also be able to use!

5. Headphones

Headphones have so many uses for men these days: they listen to music on their way to work, watch movies during lunch break, and play games at home without bothering other family members. Give your man headphones as a Valentine’s gift this year!

6. Cufflinks

When thinking about Valentine gifts for him, romantic presents are probably your first idea. A pair of cufflinks is not only a stylish accessory for a dapper man’s look, but also a very memorable gift that will remind him of you every time he opens his drawer!

7. Sneakers

Giving footwear for Valentine’s Day may be unconventional, but, as long as you know your man’s shoe size, you can never go wrong with getting him a pair of Adidas, Nike, Puma, or Gucci sneakers as a gift for Valentine’s this year.

2. What to give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Women always have great expectations for the most romantic holiday of the year, and with these Valentines gift ideas for her you can have her what she truly wants!

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a no-brainer when it comes to Valentine’s Day romantic gifts: no matter how much expensive jewelry a woman has, she’ll never say no to another cute piece. Find fashionable jewelry at low prices on Jiji!

2. Perfume

Another popular one of the Valentines Day ideas for her is perfume. On Jiji you can find thousands of great fragrances, whether it’s a trendy perfume from an iconic brand or a brand new release from a local perfume company.

3. Bathrobe

If you want to give a Valentine Day gifts for girlfriend that will make her extremely comfortable while also reminding of you, you should definitely consider a bathrobe. Bathrobes are the ultimate affordable luxury that every woman will love.

4. Makeup

Giving makeup as a gift to a woman can be tricky, since it’s hard to know what she actually likes in makeup. However, a trendy eyeshadow palette or an iconic lipstick is actually the best Valentine gift for girlfriend who is passionate about makeup.

5. Phone case

For women even a simple mobile phone case is a valuable part of their style, which is why even if your special other has several favourite cases, another one won’t hurt. Luckily, you can find a selection of cute and stylish phone cases on Jiji!

6. Insulation mug

If your woman loves to drink hot beverages on the go or simply often complains about her coffee or tea going cold before she finishes it, she’ll definitely love a new insulation mug that she can take anywhere or enjoy a hot cup at home.

7. Clutch bag

Every woman likes to have a special bag for going out – usually it’s the small but practical clutch. Surprise her this Valentine’s Day with a brand new clutch and she’ll be more than eager to go on a special day with you to show off her new purse!

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