Best Phones Under ₦ 40,000 Naira

If you wonder whether a good smartphone is necessarily pricey, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The selection of cheap android phones in Nigeria is diverse enough for finding exactly what you need. Besides, along with cheap Android phones you can discover older iPhone models in a good keep.

The key to buying cheap Android phones is choosing the right place for it. Looking for cheap phones on Jiji will save you much time and allow buying a used device in a good keep at surprisingly low price. Here are some of the best budget Android phones to consider.

Infinix phones below 10000 Naira

Infinix phones below 10000 Naira

If you want to find cheap android phones in Nigeria, start with the models produced in 2016 and earlier. The best budget smartphones can be easily found among Infinix models. The Nigerian manufacturer keeps up with the trends and doesn’t forget to introduce several new models every year.

As of today, the selection is huge enough to let users find phones priced below N10,000. Here are some of the most popular basic models.

  1. Infinix Hot X507
  2. Ifinix 8076D
  3. Infinix X611
  4. Infinix Note
  5. Infinix Hot Mini
  6. Infinix Alpha X570
  7. Infinix Race Max Q
  8. Infinix Hot 2
  9. Infinix Hot 4 Lite
  10. Infinix Smart

Gionee phones under 20000 Naira

Gionee phones below 20000 Naira

Gionee strengthens positions on Nigerian market by offering interesting solutions through new smartphone models. The brand’s key principles are originality and usefulness. On the one hand, it is complicated to invent something unusual when it comes to a budget smartphone.

On the one hand, the competition is huge, and Gionee tries not just to fit in, but to impress the audience and attract more attention to its new products. As you can see, the company has been doing it quite successfully so far. Here are TOP Gionee’s phones under N20000.

  1. Gionee Pioneer P2S
  2. Gionee Pioneer P5W
  3. Gionee Marathon M5 Mini
  4. Gionee Pioneer P4
  5. Gionee M2 Mini
  6. Gionee Elife E3
  7. Gionee F103
  8. Gionee L800
  9. Gionee Marathon M3
  10. Gionee P5 Mini

Infinix phones below 20000 Naira

Infinix phones below 20000 Naira

Mid-range Infinix phones are among the Nigerian top-sellers. Firstly, the Nigerian manufacturer is familiar with the requirements of native market and its users. Secondly, people tend to buy devices from trusted brands, and Infinix has proved its flexibility towards price line and functionality. Thirdly, Infinix offers a wide selection of models.

Thus, the company is among the leaders on the African market, ready to take care of an average user with standard requirements to specification and price. 20000 Naira is not much for a smartphone, but you still get a good device.

  1. Infinix Hot S2
  2. Infinix Hot 3
  3. Infinix Hot 4
  4. Infinix Hot V2
  5. Infinix Zero 3
  6. Infinix Note 3 Pro
  7. Infinix Hot P2
  8. Infinix Race Eagle
  9. Infinix M8
  10. Infinix Q8

Tecno phones below 20000 Naira

tecno phones below 30000 Naira

Tecno are known as rather advanced models. Nevertheless, cheap tecno android phones in Nigeria are not hard to find either. The list of Tecno phones below 20000 Naira features popular Tecno W line, favorite Tecno Spark, an “battery monster” Tecno L8.

The company has discovered the secret  of user’s happiness: cheap phones with good cameras. If you consider buying a modern device with quite impressive specifications at low price, Tecno is undoubtedly among the best options.You can get these ten and pay less than 2K.

  1. Tecno W2
  2. Tecno W5 Lite
  3. Tecno W4
  4. Tecno Spark K7
  5. Tecno L8
  6. Tecno Y6
  7. Tecno W3
  8. Tecno D9
  9. Tecno Camon C8
  10. Tecno T350

Android phones below 30000 Naira

Android phones below 30000 Naira

Logically, the more you pay, the more you get. Well, we have picked next ten models to prove this rule works. The selection of android phones below 30000 Naira is even wider: in addition to previous smartphones, you get some new names and more interesting features.

Do not wonder that Tecno L8 is mentioned twice – it has enough power to share with the weaker smartphones by functioning as a power bank. Anyway, if your budget is up to N30000, here is the list of options:

  1. Tecno L8
  2. Tecno Camon C8
  3. Infinix Note 4 Pro
  4. HTC Desire E8
  5. BlackBerry Leap
  6. HTC One
  7. Samsung Galaxy J3
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  9. Samsung Galaxy J5
  10. Samsung Galaxy A3

Best phones under 40000 Naira

Best phones under 40000 Naira

Finally, if you are ready to spend an extra 10K for a new device, get ready to find the best budget Android phone among Android phones below 40000 Naira. In this case, you are able to get even earlier iPhone models.

Nevertheless, don’t be in a hurry and don’t forget about Tecno Camon line. In fact, the latest models have become serious rivals for Samsung S8! Okay, this is the list of the most popular models with high level of personalization and good performance available at N40000 and lower.

  1. Tecno Camon CX
  2. Tecno Camon C9
  3. Tecno L9
  4. Tecno Boom J8
  5. Infinix Hot 5
  6. Gionee Elife S
  7. Sony Xperia L
  8. Samsung Galaxy G3
  9. BlackBerry Q10
  10. Apple iPhone 5

Searching for a new phone may seem quite time consuming and difficult task. Nevertheless, now you know that finding a good device with limited budget is not problematic.