Colour Combination For Nigerian Wedding 2018

Even though the best wedding colors are the ones chosen by the bride and the groom personally, there are still many trends when it comes to wedding colours 2017. If you’re planning to have a beautiful wedding ceremony soon, pick the best colour combination for Nigeria wedding right now!

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1. Peach

As always, the most popular colour combination for Nigerian wedding is the one including the peach shade. Peach colour combination for wedding are bright, cheerful, and very flattering to every skin tone. Check out the prettiest peach colour combinations for your wedding!

The sea green and peach wedding outfits are also very popular in Nigeria right now!

Check out the stunning peach and purple colour combination in this wedding outfit!

2. Royal blue

Wedding colour combinations with blue continue to be popular in 2018. More and more happy couples choose the royal blue colour combination for their special day. So, what colour goes with royal blue for a wedding?

Royal blue looks fabulous with so many different shades, which means your options for choosing royal blue wedding color combinations are nearly endless. However, we suggest pairing blue with metallics – namely, gold and silver.

3. Champagne gold

No matter which latest wedding colours come and go, champagne gold remains among the most popular ones. The champagne gold colour combination can be styled with all kinds of shades, but champagne gold color looks especially good with dramatic shades such as purple, as well as the adorable pastel peach shade.

We especially love this cute champagne gold and peach traditional wedding outfit.

4. Pink

Since pink is a symbol of femininity and a mainstay of women’s fashion, pink colour combination dresses can be often seen at Nigerian weddings. Unlike many other Nigerian wedding colours 2018, pink looks equally good on its own or in pairings.

The best colour combination for wedding with pink is pink plus a pastel colour. Ivory and beige make pink truly stand out without disrupting the balance. Surprisingly enough, pink also pairs well with silver and other metallics.

5. Green

Green is a special colour for Nigerian fashionistas, which is part of the reason why green colour combination for traditional wedding is so hot right now. Green is very forgiving and can be successfully paired with most colours.

However, out of all colour combination for dresses of wedding featuring green, you’ll find that green color combination dresses with red or pink look especially stylish. Gold and silver are also great choices for green wedding colours combination.

6. Orange

It’s safe to say that orange is not the most popular shade in fashion right now, but at the same time orange color combination dress are beloved by Nigerian brides. There are plenty of Nigerian traditional wedding outfits featuring orange as the main colour and white, gold and beige as secondary shades.

7. Wine

Wine is not only an essential part of Yoruba traditional wedding colour combination, but also a popular shade in Nigerian wedding fashion. Wine is such a striking colour that all wine wedding color combinations make sure not to overshadow the central burgundy shade.

8. Turquoise

The lively and bright turquoise color combinations weddings have been taking Nigeria by storm during the last few years. As one of the Nigerian traditional wedding colours and the most summery of Nigerian wedding colours, turquoise is a great choice for an outdoor wedding.

Sea green colour combinations include turquoise with silver, white, gold, or even peach and coral for an extra fashionable wedding look. Don’t forget to complete the wedding outfit with accessories in complementary shades.

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