How to Know Original Milani Powder

Every lady looks for high-quality cosmetics. When you pick makeup, most likely you are looking for the best powder in Nigeria, best lipstick and eyeliner etc. Milani cosmetics has become popular among people, who have a knack for high-quality cosmetics.

If you take a look at Milani powder reviews, you will notice the feedback close to 100% positive. Buying original milani powder on Jiji to try it is a good idea. However, in case you decide to shop elswhere, make sure you do buy original milani powder.

Here is a  short guide to buying original cosmetics.

In short about Milani powder

Milani produces compact powder for flawless makeup. It guarantees easy application and and even color. The power by this brand creates mate effect and perfectly masks skin defects and small wrinkles. Although it has a slightly glowing effect, it looks natural.

The powder has silky structure. Thanks to this, it takes a few seconds to apply the powder. Just remember to use it with the special base. The powder creates healthy coloration. The powder comes in a nice golden case with a mirror.

The formula used by Milani contains specific components, which absorb the excess of sebum and moisturize the skin. Adding ophthalmic filters allowed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV emission.

How to identify original milani powder

Luckily, the answer to how to know original milani powder is easy. The brand might have predicted the intentions of frauds to produce low-quality products. Users can find simple directions on the official website. It takes four steps to check the originality.

  1. Find the unique PIN on the case and scratch it.
  2. Send a free SMS with the PIN to 38353.
  3. Wait for reply. If you get the following SMS, the powder is original: “OK. Genuine MILANI Product. Your PIN: (Your Unique PIN will be Here). Problem? Call 08039012929 Innovative Marketing care. Sproxil SMS.”
  4. In case you do not receive any reply, the product must be fake.

The best decision to get the original product is to buy it on Jiji. Besides, here you’ll find the lowest milani powder price in Nigeria.

How to Know Original Classic Powder

The majority of brands do not offer such assistance, so it will be good for you to remember several simple rules of choosing original makeup.

  • Check the box. It should not be scrunched or tattered. The paint should not remain on your fingers. Look for a brand’s prints or engravings.
  • Check the signs. The paint should not rub off, and there should not be any mistakes in the name. The numbers on a case and a box coincide.
  • Check the ingredients. Open the official website and compare the list of ingredients with the one on a product you are holding. The slightest difference means that the product is fake.
  • Check the kit. Not every powder comes with a sponge, but if you know for sure it is included in this line, beware of the one without a sponge.
  • Check the testers. Brands always supply testers at the sales spots, so every potential buyer can check the allergic reaction or check the structure.
  • Check the price. For instance, standard milani powder price is around N4,000. If you see a considerable difference, it’s time to get suspicious.

Your makeup is not the only thing that depends of the quality of products. Fake powder can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, or inflammation. The makeup market is so diverse that the ability to detect original cosmetics is a superpower every lady needs. Choose the makeup wisely!