House Painting Colour Combinations 2018

There are many decisions you need to make as a homeowner, but house paint design has to be among the most important ones. The colours you choose for your interior will influence the way your home looks and feels. Check out the hottest house painting designs and colors of 2018!

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1. Yellow

Yellow is very popular in interior decoration, but it’s often featured as part of the best colour combination for house exterior. This year the lively and cheerful yellow is all over the design magazines, celebrity houses, and paint catalogues.

If you’re looking for a colour combination for bedroom with yellow, pair it with a neutral shade like light grey or cream. A kitchen or living room will shine with a paint combination of yellow and blue, turquoise, or deep navy.

2. Black

Black isn’t the most common colour in Nigeria room painting traditions, but this year it seems like black can’t be stopped when it comes to interior design. If you’re a fan of edgy home paint design, you can paint a whole bathroom or hallway black, but it’s more often used for accents.

Black is one of the most universal shades, which means that the choice of paint color combinations with black is nearly endless. Of course, contrasting colours like white, red, fuchsia, and blue work best. You can also try gold accents on black walls for a stylish touch.

3. Red

After the muted earthy tones of 2017, 2018 is all about bold and striking house painting colour combinations. That is why numerous shades of red are currently leading among interior and exterior colours everywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

Red is a colour that is meant to stand out, which is why other shades you use in the design need to support it. Elegant combinations of red, white and black or navy work great for bedrooms and living rooms, while a cream or blush pink kitchen will benefit from a red accent wall.

4. Blue-green

If you’re looking for a calmer home colour combination, consider this sophisticated shade. Blue-green is available in a variety of hues, from understated ones to shades you cannot miss. Blue-green is also a colour combination for house exterior painting that will make your home truly stand out!

If you want to give your interior a beachy, summery feel, consider pairing blue-green with sandy yellow or gold for your wall colour combination for living room. In case you’re designing a bedroom, go for a calmer shade like grey or subdued navy to pair with blue-green.

5. Ultra violet

Trends for interior and exterior house painting design in Nigeria often follow general colour trends, and 2018 is no exception, as Pantone’s colour of the year, ultra violet, is also one of the hottest interior shades this season.

If you’re feeling especially daring, you can carry out a living room or bedroom designed exclusively with ultra violet, including furniture, curtains, and carpeting. Ultra violet also looks fabulous with gold, cream, red, concrete grey, and, surprisingly enough, mint green.

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