Best Baby Cream And Soap In Nigeria

Taking care of a baby is a challenging task, and skin care is one of its most important aspects. Baby skin is prone to irritation, drying out, and other conditions. What is the best baby cream and soap in Nigeria? Find out right now!

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1. Top 5 baby soaps in Nigeria

The best soap for newborn baby needs to be gentle and thoroughly cleansing. Here are top 5 baby soap products for you to consider.

1. Chicco Baby Moments Soap

Chicco is a brand with decades of history and is known for its variety of the best baby skin care products. Their Baby Moments soap is so mild and gentle to a baby’s skin that it’s suitable for children from the first days since birth.

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2. Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s is another iconic brand of the best baby soap in Nigeria. This brand offers a variety of baby soaps for every skin type; there is even a lotion-enriched baby soap for an extra moisturizing and softening effect.

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3. Sebamed Baby Soap

In an effort to develop the safest and mildest soap for the delicate skin of newborns, Sebamed created a soap that doesn’t contain soap at all. It offers all the cleansing abilities of regular soap without the risk of irritation, dry patches, and itchiness.

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4. Oilatum Soap Bar

Oilatum is one of the best known brands of baby skin care products for sensitive and irritated skin. They have a special soap bar for kids, but even with a regular Oilatum Soap Bar your baby’s skin will be as smooth and calm as possible!

5. Avila Baby Herbal Soap

Sometimes you want to not only moisturize your baby’s skin, but also achieve a more even and glowing skin colour. The best baby soap for fairness is what you need! Nigerian moms claim that Avila makes the best skin whitening soap for babies, so if you’re on a search for the baby fairness soap, try this brand!

2. Top 5 baby lotions in Nigeria

Even the best baby cream for fairness mainly cleanses the skin, while the job of nourishing and moisturizing it is left to baby lotions, and here is the top 5! Shop the most popular baby lotions in Nigeria using Jiji.

1. Johnson’s Shea And Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion

Another winning baby product from Johnson’s is a baby lotion that was enriched with shea and cocoa butter for a strong nourishing effect. You can even successfully use this baby lotion for the whole family!

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2. Mothercare As Soft As Baby Lotion

Mothercare is a renowned baby product brand that is known all over the world. Their As Soft As Baby lotion is suitable for babies aged 0+ and delivers excellent moisturizing and softening results.

3. Sebamed Baby Lotion

You can use this Sebamed baby lotion together with the baby soap from this brand, but it will work perfectly even if you use it on its own. It effectively maintains the hydro balance in the skin, keeping it soft and glowing.

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4. Aveeno Baby Lotion

If you’re looking for the most reputable manufacturer of the best baby cream and soap, go for Aveeno! This baby lotion is made of safe ingredients and was designed specifically for the sensitive skin of newborns and babies. Find even more top quality baby skin care products on Jiji!

5. Little Angels Baby Lotion

Your baby’s skin will never suffer from irritation, rashes, and dry patches if you use the Little Angels baby lotion daily after bath. Pair it with other baby skin care products from Little Angels for an even more amazing result.

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