The Most Awaited Cars of 2018

2018 has prepared a lot of surprises for car lovers. When buying a new car, you’ll have much interesting to choose from – the selection of cars 2018 ranges from the favorite Toyota Camry to extraordinary Nissan Juke. Here are eight new cars 2018 drivers are waiting forward to.

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Toyota Camry

new cars 2018

Toyota Camry is the most popular car model in over 100 countries. Thefirst generation came out in 1982. Since then, dozens of millions of vehicles have been sold worldwide. The new generation has already appeared on the market, and in a short while you’ll have a chance to become one of the lucky owners.

Camry 2018 is not just an improved version of the favorite sedan. It has been developed from scratch. For this, Toyota engineers constructed thousands of new details. Brand new body allowed to lower gravity center and to increase body stiffness. New platform, absorbers, and rear suspension helped to achieve excellent steering response and travelling comfort.

2018 Toyota Camry has got more expressive exterior. It is available in four color variations now: white, gray, brown, and red. The passenger compartment has become more spacious. Noise isolation has been improved. The vehicle is equipped with innovative Toyota Safety Sense with adaptive cruise control.

For the first time, the car has got 7” multifunctional display, brand new multimedia system with GO navigation block, and JBL acoustic system. Toyota Camry 2018 is the perfect combination of modern technologies and innovative design with brand’s traditional values.

Ford Mustang

new cars 2018

Ford Mustang of the sixth generation has undergone planned updates. The exterior and interior were improved in terms of appearance and comfort. Power aggregates were reviewed with further replacements of some of them. The highlight is 10R80, accountable for instant speed change.

In Ford Mustang 2018, all optic features received LED modification. The shape of identification plate site was modified, too. Three additional color options are available now: Royal Crimson, Kona Blue, and Orange Fury, so there are 11 color solutions altogether.

12″ dashboard, which comes as an alternative to classic analog index plate, is available for additional fee. All information about system functioning is displayed there in one of the three available modes: Normal, Sport и Track.

Multimedia system is represented by 8” display with the wide range of new functions. For instance, FordPass provides distant vehicle control via your smartphone. You can launch the engine, view accumulator charge levels, petrol tank status, and current location of the vehicle. MyMode system memorizes the setup features and renders them immediately next time.

Mustang is a sport car, so this Ford 2018 model is enabled with outstanding safety features: cutting-in warning, foot passenger detection, pathway outing warning etc. Meanwhile, the interior receives enhanced premium features. Expensive materials, crafted elements, and aluminium elements make it more stylish.

Ford Focus

new cars 2018

Ford Focus is as traditional American invention as an apple pie. Nevertheless, it is popular all over the world. Ford Focus users appreciate flexibility and fuel efficiency. It is a simple car, available as hatchback and sedan, ST and RS versions, even electric models.

The new Ford Focus is available in five colors: blue, bright red, red, electric blue, and green. Style-related modifications are related to SE EcoBoost Appearance package. The changes include double-sided adjustable headrest, distant turn indicators etc.

New hatchback is noteciable by practicality and convenient equipment. Eight-inch touch screen, dual-zone climate control, 17” wheels, handlebar and seat heating up are only a few features you get. Besides, 2018 model is expected to receive advanced acceleration options and more engine options.

Honda Odyssey

new cars 2018

The new eight-seat minivan was developed by the American department of Honda corporation. This model is equipped LED optics, which is a highlight of the brand, new radiator grill, and two-colored end support.

Interior finishing is resistant to scratches now. Multimedia system with 8” display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, and advanced noise resistance will make every drive a pleasant experience. Moreover, the minivan will be equipped with three-season climate control and Blind Spot Warning System.

Honda Odyssey is a spacious family car, capable of accommodating up to eight people and let them feel comfortable. Thus, the majority of innovative and mostly unique equipment is located in the cabin:

  • Magic Slide system and four modes (Easy Access, Super, Wide, and Buddy) of seat configuration;
  • CabinWatch and CabinTalk for passenger supervision and communication;
  • CabinControl for entertainment system management and climate control with the help of a smartphone app.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

new cars 2018

The new Mercedes debuted this year in Amsterdam. New exterior, powerful engines, innovative safety and multimedia systems… No wonder this car is one of the most awaited among drivers around the world. Company’s new philosophy features a couple of highlights you’ll certainly find interesting.

The new Mercedes is a serious competitor for BMW 1-Series, Audi A3, Infiniti Q30, and Volvo V40. The new model became more elegant, getting rid of agressive lines. New hood and LED lights make the vehicle more dynamic. Wider wheel housing can go with 16-19” discs.

A customer is free to choose among three engine options: gasoline for A200 and A250 modifications, and diesel for A180D. The vehicle can pick up the speed up to 100 kmph for 8 sec. Maximum speed is 225 kmph. The average fuel consumption is 5.1 liters per 100 km.

The main surprises are located inside the cabin. Design has become more innovative. A dashboard was joint with multimedia system display. In fact, it is the first model equipped with AI functions, which react to voice commands.

Lexus LS

new cars 2018

2018 Lexus model is the result of five years of hard work. The fifth generation of this car turns an ordinary sedan into the state of art. It was designed from the scratch, demonstrating excellent flexibility features, maneuverability, and ultimate comfort.

One of the highlights of the model is decoration. Interior panels are decorated with Shimamoku wood and Edo Kiriko glass. Every detail reminds of the Japanese hospitability. It even adjusts the seats every time you open the door and want to sit.

The new sedan is equipped with the safety system of the new generation – Lexus Safety System+. It is designed based with using hi-tech features and the system of passenger recognition during active steering.

Front seats are not only regulated, but can keep you energetic with 28 levels of settings and adjustment features. Passengers on the back can use footstools for more comfort. Perfect location of Mark Levinson system together with amazing speakers provide complete noise isolation.

Nissan Juke

new cars 2018

Nissan was working on the Juke updates for a long time, and the second generation is already here. Design of the new crosover follows the latest trends. Mirrors, top, and lights were modified a bit in accordance with “energetic” design rules.

New Nissan Juke offers more personalization features. In general, soft plastic and new finishing ideas are to provide ultimate comfort, while the innovative entertainment system will make sure you will not be bored. Navigation features allow connecting to your devices and social networks.

This model is going to attract attention with its original look. Besides this, you will be impressed by the safety system. High responsiveness indicators, noise isolation, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency make it a dream car. In fact, engineers managed to deal with the previously detected drawbacks.

Hyundai Santa Fe

new cars 2018

The debut of this model starts the new philosophy of Hyundai’s design. Santa Fe of the new generation features a new corpus, bigger in size, upgraded head drag coefficient, and better body stiffness. The sales are starting soon, and drivers will be able to pick five-seat or seven-seat model.

Windscreen size remains the same, but the angle has changed considerably. The hood has become bigger. Radiator grill remains almost identical. The updated design is very stylish and dynamic. The ultimate shape of the car body positively influenced aerodynamic features.

The quality and style of the interior has reached the new level. The style solution reminds Hyundai i30 and Grandeur with their modern equipment and huge selection of electronic assistants. One of the highlights is completely new architecture of the central dashboard.

Multimedia features includes a tablet, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, voice control features, and great speakers. You will enjoy dual-zone climate control, and leather finishing. Get ready for a smooth and pleasant drive!

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