Air Conditioner Price In Nigeria: 5 Popular Brands

Air condition is one of the best inventions of the mankind that allows us to breathe in cool air even when it’s 50 degrees outside. Pick the best air conditioner brand in Nigeria and find out how much is an air conditioner in 2018!

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1. LG air conditioner price list in Nigeria

LG is understandably one of the best known air conditioner brands in the country, which is why knowing the LG air conditioner price will help you make the best decision. In this list of LG air conditioner price in Nigeria we will focus on split systems, since they are the most practical and modern solution.

  • Jetcool 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner – 100,000
  • Gencool 1HP Inverter Split Air Conditioner – 130,000
  • Gencool 1.5HP Inverter Split Air Conditioner – 140,000
  • Jetcool 2HP Split Air Conditioner – 170,000
  • 2HP Split Air Conditioner with Installation Kit – 190,000

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2. Panasonic air conditioner price in Nigeria

Panasonic is another hugely popular air conditioner brand in Nigeria. Thousands of people wanting to learn the air conditioner price in Nigeria are only looking for Panasonic devices, since they’re known for their modern design and reliability.

  • 1HP Split Air Conditioner – 100,000
  • 1.5HP Anti-Bacterial Filter Split Air Conditioner – 120,000
  • Econavi 1HP Split Air Conditioner – 130,000
  • 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner with Odour Removal – 145,000
  • 2HP Split Air Conditioner – 170,000

3. Skyrun air conditioner price list in Nigeria

Skyrun offers a variety of air conditioners for all kinds of Nigerian buyers: there are split systems for any room size, as well as the more affordable window and portable air conditioners. Skyrun is a great choice of the first A/C in your life!

  • Skyrun Portable Mobile Air Conditioner – 95,000
  • 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner – 100,000
  • Skyrun Standing Air Conditioner with 2 Tones – 190,000

4. Samsung air conditioner price list in Nigeria

Another Korean brand of air conditioners on our list and another favourite of Nigerian buyers! When it comes to Samsung air conditioner, Nigeria spares no expense on owning the latest creation from the iconic international A/C brand.

  • 1HP Split Air Conditioner – 85,000
  • 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner – 95,000
  • 1.5HP Triangle Split Air Conditioner – 105,000
  • Window Air Conditioner – 105,000
  • 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner – 170,000

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5. Haier Thermocool air conditioner price list in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool is a premium brand of air conditioners. Haier Thermocool air conditioner prices are not too low, but if you get an A/C from this brand, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed by its quality, functionality, and attractive design.

  • 1HP Split Air Conditioner – 75,000
  • Supercool Premium 1.5HP Split Air Conditioner – 110,000
  • Supercool Luxury 1.5HP Split Air COnditioner – 135,000
  • Supercool 1.5HP Air Conditioner with Installation Kit – 140,000
  • 2HP Split Air Conditioner – 160,000

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