Green Coffee Review: How Does It Work?

Green coffee is one of the most popular supplements for weight loss of the past few years. You’ve probably come across favourable green coffee reviews Nigeria, but you’re likely still wondering: how does it really work? Find out everything you need to know from our green coffee review!

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1. Green coffee beans for weight loss

While there are many other green coffee benefits, weight loss is the number one reason why people can’t get enough of green coffee. Green coffee beans are essentially regular coffee beans that haven’t been roasted.

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acids, which go away when the coffee is roasted. The chlorogenic acids in green coffee lower blood pressure, act as antioxidants, and, ultimately, stimulate a healthy weight loss.

You can drink green coffee as a regular drink, but you can achieve an even better effect with green coffee supplements that contain the recommended daily dosage of chlorogenic acids extracted from fresh green coffee beans.

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2. Health benefits of green coffee

While effective and safe weight loss is a big reason to try green coffee, it’s not the only one – there are many other great things green coffee can do for your body:

  • Green coffee affects your brain in a number of positive ways, including improving your memory, cognitive function, focus, reaction time, and even mood.
  • The chlorogenic acids contained in weight coffee have the ability to boost metabolism. By suppressing the release of glucose into the blood, green coffee stimulates the burning of fat cells, shedding the weight off.
  • Green coffee improves the circulation of blood around the body, preventing the hardening of arteries and eliminating problems that come with poor blood circulation.
  • The powerful free-radical busters contained in green coffee have the ability to boost our immune system, ensuring protection against dozens of various conditions.
  • Green coffee also has a great effect on your beauty: it reduces the signs of ageing in the skin, makes your skin smooth and moisturized, while the green coffee antioxidants remove substances the cause hair damage and slow down the balding process.

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3. Green coffee: how to use

The ways of using green coffee for weight loss depend on the type of coffee you’re using: whole beans, ground coffee, or green coffee extract. Make your drink using one of the methods below and enjoy it once a day.

  1. When using whole green coffee beans, wash them with running water to remove any debris. Next soak the beans in a cup of water, put on the stove, bring to a boil, and boil for 10 minutes, stirring continuously. Turn of the heat, let the beans sit in the water for 10-15 more minutes, sieve, and drink.
  2. Ground green coffee beans can be bought in a store or you can grind them on your own using a coffee grinder. Preparing green coffee with ground isn’t different from making coffee from whole beans, so just follow the instructions above.
  3. Green coffee bean extract is probably the easiest way to take advantage of the green coffee benefits for weight loss: you can mix the coffee powder with hot or cold water, stir it, and have a refreshing, delicious, and nutritional drink in a matter of seconds!

4. Where to buy green coffee

By now you’re probably convinced that green coffee is exactly what you need to get your dream body. The great news is that you’re not alone – there are hundreds of ads for green coffee for sale on Jiji, including the highly popular Slimmex green coffee in Nigeria. Pick your favourite brand and do your body a favour!

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