Weavons In Nigeria And Their Names

Weavon hair is the best way to improve the look of your own locks and try any hairstyle without damaging your hair. There are dozens of Nigerian hair weaving styles, which means you can easily find the latest weavon for every occasion. Check out the most famous weavons in Nigeria and their names!

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1. Short weavon styles

Short hairstyles are practical, stylish, and youthful. They are loved by celebrities, business women, and anyone who loves bold styles. Here are the names of weavons and their pictures if you love short hairstyles.

1. Scull cap

Skull cap weavon styles are the shortest hairstyle you can get. It’s sleek and sophisticated, but in order to look good, this hairstyle should be fixed with precision.

2. Pixie cut

Pixie cut is similar to skull cap, but a pixie cut can be longer and have a side swept fringe or no fringe at all. Rihanna is a big fan of pixie cut!

3. Asymmetric bob

Bob is a hairstyle that is known and loved all over the world, but there is an easy way to make it stand out even more. Try an asymmetric bob and add colourful highlights for an extra charming look!

4. Undercut

For a Nigeria hairstyle weavon that will definitely turn heads, go for the trendy undercut with a gorgeous fringe that you can wear naturally or make it face upwards.

5. Colourful hair

No matter which weavon and attachment distributors in Nigeria you decide to try, you can always upgrade your new style by adding a touch of colour. This season it’s all about the cool shades of blue, purple, and red!

2. Long weavon styles

Long hair requires more work, but it can also effortlessly make you feel special. Here are the types of weaves and their names for the fans of long hair.

1. Fusion weave

Fusion weave is a weaving technique that allows you to significantly enhance the length and volume of your own hair to create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

2. Drawstring weave

A drawstring weave not only looks exquisite, but also helps you make your neck and face look slimmer thanks to the smart positioning of the weave on top of the head.

3. Ombre weavon

If you love long hair and want to play with colour, check out one of the hottest hair trends of the season – grey ombre hair that looks fabulous in any situation.

4. Fixing weavon

Modern weavons are very easy to manage and allow you to rock any styles you want with simple fixing. Try these gorgeous waves on long hair as your next style!

3. Curly weavon styles

Curly hair is so universally popular that you’re probably already anxious to know all about the curly weaves names and how to wear them!

1. Bohemian

Bohemian hair weave is a weavon style that has hundreds of tightly curled strands that give you a head full of beautiful and long-lasting curls.

2. Gypsy

Gypsy weavon is another popular curly style with even smaller curls than in the Bohemian weave. Gypsy weavon curls frame your face beautifully and draw everyone’s attention to your features.

3. Xpression (expression)

Xpression weavon hairstyles, also known as expression weavon styles, are among the most popular varieties of weavon styles in Nigeria. They are available in a wide range of curl types and lengths.

4. Afro

Any list of the latest weavons and their prices cannot be imagined without Afro, a mainstay of Nigerian hairstyles. Your Afro weavon can be any length, but medium Afro weavons are especially popular right now.

5. Fizzy curls

For a hairstyles that looks wild but is actually very put together, try some fizzy curls! This weavon style is easy to manage and looks amazing in any setting.

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