94 Toyota 4Runner: The Legendary SUV

Toyota 4Runner 1994 is a SUV known for its impressive safety features. It is the second generation of infamous Toyota’s model. Toyota 4Runner was unusual car for that time. Developers tried to combine the features of a motor car and off-road models.

Low seats, rich leather interior, sharp steering, roomy storage compartment – the basic 1994 Toyota 4Runner specs are good news for drivers looking for a universal vehicle. If you check out 1994 Toyota 4Runner reviews, you’ll notice close to 100% positive feedback. How is it possible? Let’s find out!

1994 Toyota 4runner specs


Revolutional Toyota 4Runner debuted in 1984. Since then, several generations of compact  SUV came out and became popular. In 1992, the car has gone through little restyling. It affected the exterior, interior, construction and media kit.

The second modification introduced two rows of seats instead of one. While the original 4Runner could accommodate a driver and one passenger, the upgrade provided enough room for five passengers. It also received bigger petrol tanker and more luxurious finishing.

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The second Toyota 4Runner is a compact SUV, which comes in three- and five-door modifications. The length varies from 4,470 to 4,491 mm, but it doesn’t affect other measures. The width equals to 1,689 mm; the height equals to 1,679 mm; the clearance equals to 210 mm.

2004 4Runner is a four-door model with a body formed as a single unit. It has got one-piece front bumpers and modular headlamps. This is the wide-body SUV version with extended wheel arch flares, wider wheels and tires.

1994 Toyota 4runner specs 1994 Toyota 4runner specs


Drivers can choose between five-speed automatic gearbox and four-speed mechanic gearbox. 4Runner comes with one of four engine options:

  • 2.4-liter gasoline with 114 horsepowers;
  • 3-liter V6 gasoline with 143 horsepowers;
  • 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel with 90 horsepowers;
  • 3-liter four-cylinder diesel with 125 horsepowers.


1994 Toyota 4runner specs

Despite quite long exploitation term, corrosion is rare for these cars. The only exception is back wheels arches. If you find plastic details or extensions, it is not an advantage of the vehicle. If a seller boasts new tuning, it might be an alarming sign. Be careful with all level-ups.

Gasoline engines are more common on Nigerian markets. As a rule, they are long-living and trouble-free. However, you should avoid overheating. The repair of a damaged engine can range from $200 to $3,000. This is a good reason to remember about regular check and control of the cooling system.


1994 Toyota 4runner specs

The bracket is a compromise between easy steerability of a motor car and durability of a SUV. Reaching this balance required special engineering attitude. As a result, developers installed independent bracket on independent suspension on torsion shafts on the front and classic solid axle on durable springs.

Drivers admit that the vehicle allows feeling comfortable regardless of road conditions. Nevertheless, it is a bit stiff and rough on winding roads and during highway races. 94 Toyota 4Runner doesn’t show enough flexibility. It is easy to control, but not enough maneuverable.  


The changes 4Runner undergone in 1994 significantly increased its passive safety. The vehicle received the  side-impact beams, central stop signal and ABS (the latter was installed on all cars with six-cylinder engines). This is when Toyota became more than just two sheets of metal.

4Runner’s crash test rating reached 4 stars. Although airbags for driver and passengers were added one year later, 4Runner always keeps up with the latest safety regulations. 4Runner, like other Toyota’s cars, is built to withstand collisions and accidents. According to 2004 measures, it was equipped with bulletproof engine and sturdy frame.


1994 Toyota 4runner specs 1994 Toyota 4runner specs

Despite SUV exterior, 1994 Toyota 4Runner interior is rather “light.” It is roomy, but not as spacious as most trucks. It is luxurious by 1994 standards, but multimedia system will require some updates. Nevertheless, by buying 4Runner you get comfortable seats with sophisticated finishing and simple user-friendly dashboard. Paradoxically, the interior is ordinary and impressive at the same time.

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94 Toyota 4Runner price in Nigeria starts from N 450,000. Some will admit they can buy newer car for this price. Some might stuck on finding price-quality balance. Only one thing is clear: if you’re looking for a legendary car, it is the one, and it comes at the best price.


4Runner is a perfect family car for people with average income. Proper care guarantees moderate expenses for maintenance and fuel. It is spacious and safe, convenient and nice-looking. Dozens of thousands of user tell about it as the best car they have ever had. There is only one way to make sure it is true: find your own 4Runner on Jiji.ng.