Cotonou Cars Buying Guide

Cotonou is the business centre of Benin Republic, but to most Nigerians it is more known for the Cotonou car market. Cheap cars in Cotonou have become a legend among Nigerian drivers who want to buy neat tokunbo cars for less. Find out how to buy tokunbo cars for sale in Cotonou, Benin Republic!

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1. Why people buy cars from Cotonou

Depending on your location, the Cotonou market can be a rather long drive from your home; plus, there is some paperwork required to own a car from Cotonou. However, people are still regularly searching for Cotonou cars. So what exactly makes tokunbo cars in Cotonou so desirable? Here are just a few reasons:

  • The prices of cars in Cotonou are lower than prices for similar cars in Nigeria, even with the extra expenses like paperwork and transportation.
  • There are considerably more Europe and US-imported cars in Cotonou than in the Nigerian car market.
  • It’s cheaper not only to buy a car in Cotonou, but also to clear it once you bring it to Nigeria than to buy a vehicle from a Nigerian seller.

2. Cotonou market car buying guide

1. Step 1: do a research

There are two reasons why research is the number one step in the procedure for buying car from Cotonou. First, it helps you narrow down your search and settle on the models most suited for your needs. Second, researching the average prices for cars in Nigeria and comparing them to the price of cars in Cotonou will help you avoid overpaying for your new ride.

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2. Step 2: settle your finances

If you have the money for purchasing a new car in cash, we do not recommend bringing a big amount of cash to the market. Instead you can put it in your bank account and withdraw the money in a Cotonou bank or ATM.

Don’t forget to leave some money aside to pay for various services, like transportation and clearance, to auto dealers in Cotonou and other officials. They expect to be paid in the local currency, so make sure to find a good Cotonou currency to naira exchange rate not to lose any money!

3. Step 3: bring a specialist

The best way to ensure that you have a positive experience shopping for cheap cars in Cotonou is to never go alone. You can bring someone who knows the Cotonou market well and can take you around.

Another good idea is to bring someone who is capable of thoroughly inspecting the vehicle before purchase and guide you through the buying process. A professional car mechanic or used car dealer is your best option if you want the deal to be as smooth as possible.

4. Step 4: negotiate

The best way to enjoy the lowest Cotonou cars prices is to use your best negotiation skills. The seller may seem like he is set on a particular Cotonou car price, but with the right approach and convincing arguments, you can get any seller to lower their price.

5. Step 5: get the paperwork ready

One of the most important aspects of purchasing a car in Cotonou is how to import cars from Cotonou to Nigeria. It can be done only after you have the customs clearance paperwork. You can gather the paperwork yourself or go to a customs clearance office; the process will take up to 2 days. Then you can legally import your newly purchased car to Nigeria!

3. Car prices in Cotonou market

The prices at Cotonou market change very often and depend on the production year and condition of the vehicle: for example, the Toyota Venza price in Cotonou for a 2009-2012 generation can range between ₦5 million and ₦8 million.

The same goes for the Volkswagen Golf 3 price in Cotonou, which can range between 750,000 and 900,000. As for the price of Lexus RX 350 in Cotonou, be prepared to pay from 5.5 million to 7 million for your new ride!

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