How To Negotiate Salary: 10 Essential Tips

Getting a job offer and salary negotiation are one of the most exciting things that can happen in anyone’s career: you want to be fairly compensated for your work. Find out how to negotiate salary in Nigeria in various everyday workplace situations!

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1. How to negotiate salary in an interview

Usually the first time where you need to learn how to negotiate salary is a job interview. Here are some tips on how to handle salary negotiations in an interview.

1. Avoid giving the exact number

One of the first things to understand when learning how do you negotiate a job offer is that it’s better to wait for the company to mention a number instead of naming your own desired salary. That way you’ll know what the company can offer and which salary range you can use to negotiate.

2. Do your research

You can’t find out how to talk about salary in interview without doing a fair amount of research. Study the average salary in your desired position and how it corresponds to your experience and skills; then adjust the average salary to your position on the job market.

3. Be prepared to defend your stance

Want to know how to deal with salary negotiations like a pro? Remember that the potential employer will not always happily accept your desired salary. In this case you should be prepared to prove why you’re worth it, using the average salary data and your value to the company.

4. Don’t be afraid to decline

Unless you are ready to work in this position at all costs, knowing when it’s best to decline the position can bring you the results you expect! The employer who is really motivated to hire you will likely come up with a better salary. However, in the worst case scenario, the employer will accept you declining the offer and move on to the next candidate.

2. How to negotiate salary after a job offer

If you’ve truly impressed the employer and have received a job offer, here is the best way to negotiate salary after job offer.

1. Consider your living costs

The first step for negotiating a higher salary after offer letter is deciding whether the offered salary fits your cost of living. For example, if you need to relocate for the job or move closer to the workplace, your salary demands should be higher, which you should mention in the negotiation.

2. Use your leverage

Getting a job offer from a company means you are their number one choice from the pool of candidates. Of course, they have a second pick, but if they’re truly interested in hiring you, you definitely have room for negotiating your salary.

3. Make a counter offer

If you’re not satisfied with the salary stated in the job offer, use this opportunity to make a counter offer. In your counter offer you should both convince the employer that you can be a valuable addition to the company and that you are worth more than they are offering. Remember that companies often have a salary range, which means they can always go higher if they’re set on hiring you.

3. How to negotiate salary with current employer

Now that you know how to accept a job offer after salary negotiation, you can also learn how to negotiate your salary with the company you’re currently working for.

1. Decide why you’re worth a raise

The company usually needs a reason to increase your salary, and it’s your job to convince them of your worth. Have you made a considerable difference to the company’s progress? Have you been doing more work for the same compensation? Make a list of points that demonstrate your value to the company.

2. Study the market

If you were hired years ago, there is a chance your salary hasn’t changed since then, while the average salary for similar positions has gone significantly up. Doing a research and presenting your employer with relevant numbers will likely get you what you want.

3. Don’t be negative

Even if you’re filled with negative emotions after finding out that you’re underpaid at your current job, taking a positive approach will bring better results. How to negotiate salary with HR? Set up a meeting and state the purpose of the meeting in advance, then calmly go over the reasons why you deserve a raise and react gracefully no matter which answer you get!

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