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Victor Moses House, Cars Collection & Net Worth

victor moses net worth cars and house

The stars of the best game in the world are maybe, the most famous celebrities today, who’s lifestyle makes everyone envy. Once you become a promising football player, you start living for the fame and everyone gets interested in your life (including your personal life!). And Victor Moses is not left out in this!

Let’s investigate into footballer’s personal life and finв out about Victor Moses net worth cars and house.

victor moses cars

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1. Victor Moses net worth

The footballer’s net worth is approximately $20.100,000 and he has a massive $100,000 weekly salary.

victor moses net worth cars and house

2. Victor Moses house in Lagos

Journalists’ investigations revealed that Victor Moses house costs around N250,000,000. The striker has purchased a glamorous six-bedroom flat in Lekki, Lagos. According to a London-based manager, Tofe Towobola (he has confirmed the purchase), this luxury apartment will remind Victor Moses house in London, so the footballer will feel very comfortable inside.

«We are really glad that this big purchase is completed at the moment, We always want the best results for our famous clients, so the house interior is just amazing (of course, there is a swimming pool, and many gadgets installed”, – he said.

It was also said that Victor Moses house in Nigeria has the three floors, with a Penthouse cinema, just like it was in Victor Moses house in UK.

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victor moses house in nigeria

victor moses house in london

victor moses house in nigeria

victor moses house in lagos

victor moses house in lagos

3. Victor Moses cars

Footballer’s garage consists of luxurious 5 cars, all vehicles are brand-new,  and extremely well-made slick.

Let’s take a closer look at Victor Moses’ cars!

Ferrari 458 Italia.

This masterpiece is quite expensive. Many car parts are hand-made, so you can’t even imagine how much the car costs. By the way, many Ferrari models are not made for the Nigerian roads, but this car is an exception!

victor moses cars

Aston Martin.

Can you imagine a footballer that is not the owner of Aston Martin?

This is another car that is considered a part of the World of Elite. British cars, are known all over the world for their traditional quality and high class. By the way, this is constant car of James Bond, 007 agent.

victor moses cars

Mercedes-Benz G Class.

This car is a great example of German machinery. Germans always are pedant and hardworking people, especially when it comes to creating vehicles. As a result, Germans have the best vehicle manufacturing industries in the world. Moses has bought himself a G-Class SUV, iand today t is one of the extremely reliable cars.

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victor moses cars

BMW i8.

BMW is a one more great example of German craftsmanship, car lovers claim that it is even better then the Mercedes. So by now Victor has two excellent German cars, and that means he knows something about the cars, not only about football.

victor moses cars

Ford Edge.

Ford was one of the pioneer car manufacturing companies: these guys have had enough of time to develop and make the results perfect. These American cars are as reliable as German ones, but they say that the Ford cars are even more powerful!

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victor moses cars

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