Head Scarf Wrapping Styles For Every Occasion

When it comes to head wrap, African ladies are certainly among its biggest fans. Different head scarf wrapping styles allow everyone to find a style that suits them perfectly. Check out some of the best and latest styles plus a head scarf styles tutorial!

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1. Head wrap styles for long hair

Long hair looks fantastic on its own, but you can add a lot of flair to your appearance with the help of a cute head scarf!

The traditional Kente headwrap is now known and loved far outside Africa – in the past few years it made its way to the rest of the world.

African head wraps are so beautiful that they are featured in hundreds of professional fashion photoshoots.

A nude-coloured solid head scarf looks so great with medium complexion and adorable black curls!

For a casual, even dishevelled look, let your curls hang freely from your headscarf – this look is among the hottest ones for 2018.

Not all head wrap styles for natural hair have bold prints – sometimes even a two-coloured pattern works flawlessly.

If you’re in a mood for a mild pattern and pastel colours that are perfect for summer, check out this lovely minimalistic scarf!

On the other hand, monochrome chic is also a fantastic choice for a head scarf, especially if you pair it with natural makeup.

Of course, nothing beats Ankara as a fabric choice for African head wraps, and we especially love this colourful floral pattern on dark background.

If you’re not afraid of bold shapes and eye-catching colours, then this bright head scarf will instantly get you noticed!

Traditional head wraps don’t have to be multi-layered and impossible to miss – even a tiny head scarf will help you stand out.

2. Head wrap styles for short hair

Short-haired ladies are in luck, because there are so many amazing head wrap styles for short natural hair they can try!

A head scarf with a daisy pattern on blue background is one of the best things you can wear this summer.

For an especially elegant look go for a monochrome head scarf – for example, a black and white wrap looks simply gorgeous with short locs.

If you’re looking for the most head-turning version of a traditional African head wrap, this stunning scarf with plenty of volume may be exactly what you need!

Traditional head scarves look great with all kinds of short hairstyles, but adding a fringe makes your look even more adorable.

A solid-coloured head wrap is an easy way to stand out among vibrant head scarf wearers, but a black head wrap is even more impressive.

A beautiful Kente head wrap can be successfully worn with short hair, and here is the only proof you need.

Make your natural Afro hairstyle look even better with the help of a beautifully designed African head wrap!

Black and white colour scheme is a great choice for a head wrap that you can wear pretty much with any outfit. And note the matching earrings!

Look like an African goddess with your gorgeous Ankara patterned head scarf!

Bob hairstyles are super popular right now, and you can make yours even more stylish with a traditional head scarf!

3. Head wrap tutorial

Still not sure how to wear your head scarf? Here is a tutorial with five most popular ways to wear an African head wrap!

Head Wrap Tutorial | 5 Different Ankara Styles

I’m long overdye for another head wrap tutorial so here we go! In this video I’ll show you how to do 5 different head wrap styles using Ankara head wraps. These styles would be great for National Head Wrap day this Friday November 20th.

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