Best Refrigerator Brands In Nigeria With Prices

A fridge is one of the most must-have home appliances in a modern household, but the variety of brands and refrigerator prices in Nigeria makes it harder to choose your ideal device. Wondering what is the best fridge to buy in Nigeria? Check out the best refrigerator brands in Nigeria with prices!

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1. Haier Thermocool

This brand has been around in the Nigerian home appliance market for years, and there is the perfect Haier Thermocool refrigerator price in Nigeria for every budget. There are Haier Thermocool fridges over and under 200L, frost free fridges, and even wine coolers for the true connoisseurs.

Haier Thermocool refrigerators have many advantages over the competitors, but buyers especially love the fact that they can save up to 35% of your energy bill, and a Thermocool Fridge can seamlessly fit into any kitchen thanks to the endless range of designs. Here is the Thermocool fridge price list.

  • Single door 60L fridge – 40,000
  • Single door 90L fridge – 47,000
  • Single door 140L fridge – 68,000
  • Double door 160L fridge – 102,000
  • Double door bottom freezer 160L fridge – 135,000
  • Combi 160L refrigerator – 135,000
  • Double door 200L fridge – 144,000

2. Samsung

Samsung is a tech brand that doesn’t need an introduction. Samsung products have a strong reputation for their use of technology and exceptional durability, and their refrigerators are no exception, even though Samsung fridge prices in Nigeria put them in the upper price range.

Most Samsung refrigerators have a large capacity that starts at 190L. The design of Samsung fridges is streamlined and understated, which makes them a great choice for any interior. Take a look at the Samsung refrigerator prices in Nigeria.

  • Single door 190L fridge – 80,000
  • Single door 210L fridge – 135,000
  • Double door 260L fridge – 205,000
  • Smart Cool double door 280L fridge – 250,000

3. Polystar

Polystar is another favourite brand in the Nigerian refrigerator market. What makes Polystar a contender for the best refrigerator brand in Nigeria? Most importantly, it’s the affordable pricing of fridges and their reliability.

Another reason why buyers love Polystar fridges is the variety of sizes and models: here you will find anything from bedside fridges to huge 250L+ devices. Considering getting one of the Polystar fridges? Check out the Polystar refrigerator prices in Nigeria!

  • Bedside refrigerator – 29,000
  • Table top refrigerator – 32,000
  • Single door 100L refrigerator – 43,000
  • Double door 203L refrigerator – 52,000
  • Double door table top refrigerator – 57,000
  • Double door 250L refrigerator – 84,000
  • Double door 302L refrigerator – 120,000

4. LG

LG is another tech brand that has millions of fans all over the world. LG home appliances, including fridges, look like state-of-the-art devices and offer a variety of useful features. Here you will find anything, from tiny individual fridges to large refrigerators for the whole family.

LG isn’t the most affordable refrigerator brand, but it makes up for it with a wide range of solutions for every buyer. Check out the LG refrigerator prices in Nigeria to make your ideal choice!

  • One door 46L fridge – 42,000
  • One door 131L fridge – 60,000
  • One door 201L fridge – 85,000
  • Double door 172L fridge – 100,000
  • Two-door 269L fridge – 115,000

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