How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a very common and very annoying problem. It’s very easy for a house to get infected with bed bugs, but not many homeowners know how to get rid of bed bugs fast. Use this step-by-step guide on how to get rid of bed bugs to get a bug-free home!

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1. Investigate the problem

Learning how to eradicate bed bugs starts with identifying the problem. Bed bugs can be seen with a naked eye, which is why it’s important to investigate every room in your home for bed bugs if you have a suspicion that your house may be infected.

If you’re wondering: “How do I get rid of bed bugs without them coming back?”, the answer is to work with your neighbours. If you live in an apartment or have neighbours living close to you, notify them of the problem and encourage them to learn how to get rid of bed bugs at home.

2. Prepare your home for the treatment

Before you proceed to the next steps of our “How to kill bed bugs” guide, make sure your house is ready for the treatment. You’ll need to treat the room where you found the bed bugs, as well as any rooms that share a wall with the target room.

First you need to decide what you’ll do with the mattress. If you believe it’s been infected with bed bugs to a point where it can’t be saved, you can discard it, but only after wrapping it in plastic and marking it with a “bed bugs inside” note.

The next step is removing everything that can be removed from the room. Wash the linens and other fabric items at high temperatures in a washing machine. If you can’t wash certain items, put them in plastic bags.

3. Treat your mattresses

Your mattress is a key step in the process of learning how to eliminate bed bugs, since it’s exactly where most of the bed bugs infecting your home can be found. There are no known effective natural remedies for bed bugs – they can be eradicated only with the use of chemicals.

So what chemical kills bed bugs? Most bed bug solutions contain pyrethroids, although bed bugs are gradually getting more resistant to the treatment. It’s a good idea to get the chemical treatment in different forms: for example, a spray for the mattress and strips for the items you can’t wash.

How to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress? Simply spray your bed bug aerosol product onto the mattress, covering every millimetre of the surface, until the mattress is completely damp. Leave the mattress to dry naturally and then make the bed with the sheets you’ve washed and dried earlier.

Many bed bug treatment guides recommend encasing the mattress into a bed bug proof cover, but if you’re having trouble finding it, you’ll need to repeat the mattress treatment every 7-10 days until there are no more bed bugs.

4. Treat the rooms

After you’ve removed the bed bugs from the mattress, it’s time to learn how to control bed bugs. The only way to do it is to treat the room where the bed bugs were found, as well as any adjacent rooms. For this step you will need a pump sprayer and a bed bug insecticide.

Mix the insecticide with water according to the directions, pour into a pump sprayer, and spray in the most affected areas of your room: under the furniture, around the windows, in the corners, around the bed frames and around the door.

You may need to repeat those treatments in case you’re dealing with a severe case of bed bug infestation, but if you work steadily and follow the rules, you’ll enjoy a bed bug-free home in no time!

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