How To Paint Your Room: Ideas And Tips

Paint is one of the most popular ways to decorate the rooms in your home, but before you move on to bringing your house paint design to life, there are some things you should know: for example, how to do it the right way and which painting design to choose. Learn everything about room paint design right now!

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1. Wall painting ideas for home

One of the most important choices you’ll need to make if you want to redecorate your house or apartment is picking wall painting designs. Trends for house painting designs and colors change constantly, but some basic principles remain the same. Here are wall painting ideas for every room.

1. Bedroom

Bedroom is where you spend the most of your time at home, which is why wall painting designs for bedroom should make it a pleasant place for you to stay in. The best bedroom paint colors include soft and muted shades of blue, olive, ivory, grey, pink, lilac, and other pastels.

2. Living room

Living room is where the whole family gathers for quality time, and the wall painting designs for living room should match the taste of every family member. The best paint for living room can be any colour you like: mustard, purple, jewel tones, or even multi-colour designs.

3. Kitchen

When choosing the colours for your kitchen, there are no particular rules to follow: whichever colour makes you comfortable and eager to spend more time there is a great shade for painting your kitchen!

2. How to paint your room

Now that you’ve picked your ideal colours and designs for every room in your house, here is how to actually paint any room like a pro.

  1. To paint your room, you’ll need much more than a fresh can of paint and a paint roller. Depending on the type of painting project you’re doing, you may also need a paint roller pole, a paint try, paint brushes, drop cloths and rags, painter’s tape, and sandpaper.
  2. Estimate the amount of paint you’ll need for painting your room. Generally, it takes about 4 litres of paint to paint 40 square meters of walls, but it’s always better to have extra paint, especially if you’re working with textured or thick paint.
  3. Prepare your room for painting. First, try to remove all furniture from the room or at least move it to the centre. Use a drop cloth or building plastic to cover the furniture and the floor, and secure the edges with painter’s tape. Do the same for the doors and windows.
  4. If you’re mixing colours, pour the paint cans into a large bucket and stir well with a wooden stick. Stir the paint occasionally while painting to keep the colour uniform.
  5. Design your own painting strategy. Most people prefer to paint the edges of the walls with a paint brush and then cover the rest of the walls with a paint roller from the ceiling to the floor. When the first coat of paint is dry to the touch, proceed to making the second coat. If you’re using multiple colours in your design, start with the dark ones before applying light colours.
  6. Clean up after you’re finished. Remove the tape and the cloth or plastic. Wash the brushes, rollers, and the tray for future use.

How To Paint A Room * Nifty 101

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