Nigerian Hairstyles With Attachment: The Ultimate Guide

Not all of us are lucky to have strong and thick long natural hair, but we still have a chance to create the amazing hairstyles with the help of hair attachments for braids!

High-quality attachments are made of materials that don’t spoil the structure of your curls, don’t create an additional load on your natural hair. Another important thing is that the attachments are held on the hairpins, so they are easy and quick to install. More than that – the attachments are quite cheap!

Go through this guide to Nigerian hairstyles with attachment for ladies to get an idea of what hairstyle suits you best!

attachment hairstyles

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1. Attachment hairstyles: hair strands

Strands are a very good alternative ‘cause they look just like the natural hair, creating a feminine and extremely romantic look.

There are 2 alternatives to try hair strands:

  • Get the attachments made of natural hair at the higher price and get the high quality. You will be able to wash, straighten and curl them.
  • Buy the artificial hair strands: they are quite inexpensive and you can choose one from a wide range of colors.

latest attachment hairstyle

2. Ponytail

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to make. If you have a quality artificial hair!

The ponytail is everyone’s beloved look, and it is one of the looks that you can make really quick. You will just have to buy the ponytail of certain length you need and attach it to your natural hair!

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braids with attachment

3. Braids with attachment: Kanekalon

Many ladies use Kanekalon to create their amazing memorable hairstyles. These Kanekalon hairstyles are made on the average hair length (from 10-15 cm). The shorter hair you have, the more braids you need to make them hold on better.

The benefits of Kanekalon:

  • Fashionable and quite convenient solution.
  • Suitable for a photo shoot or a party.
  • Great look, that lasts for many days and is ideal for a long trip.
  • You can braid your hair yourself.
  • Kanekalon hair attachments can be used several times.

hair attachments for braids

4. Latest attachment hairstyle: free hair

This is a universal option that you can use to create your everyday look, yet it suits for attending some special events. Flowing curls beautifully fall on the shoulders, look feminine and elegant!

It is quite easy to attach the strands to your natural hair:

  • Comb your hair along their full length.
  • Separate one part of the strands just near the top and then fix them.
  • Use the easy hair fixing spray to part your hair horizontally and slightly comb the hair.
  • Attach the first wide attachment layer nearby the parting.
  • Raise the strands you have attached, move down (about 3-5 cm) from your first horizontal layer and repeat the manipulation.

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nigerian hairstyles with attachment

5. French braids

French braids are the simplest hairstyle that you can do with the Kanekalon braids. But it is suitable for many activities – from sports to work. You just have to choose the right outfit for the occasion!

attachment hairstyles

6. Ghana weaving with artificial hair

Opt for one of the timeless African hairstyles – choose Ghana braids! This is a winning solution for those who feel that the classic ponytail is not enough.

You don’t have to worry if your hair is not thick or long enough to make the magnificent African braids!

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latest attachment hairstyle

7. Nigerian hairstyles with attachment: temple braids

The temple braids have been popular yesterday and they are still in trend today!

The good news is that the temple braids are very simple to maintain: you just need to have some basic braiding skills. We can say that the temple braids are the same as the French braids, but the thing is that they are smaller.

There are no serious restrictions when it comes to creating them – you really have a huge choice among the many amazing modern hairstyles!

braids with attachment

8. Dreadlocks

At first glance, dreadlocks seem to be a multitude of tangled braids. But in fact, it’s not easier to weave them than to make a super fashionable styling. The well-groomed dreadlocks really look avant-garde and neat.

hair attachments for braids

9. Attachment hairstyles: crochet braids

Nothing is as trendy as the crochet braids in Nigeria!

The hair extensions are very flexible and are used for creating various posh hairstyles to take everyone’s breath away! There are twists, twist-outs, Afros, curls, faux locks, etc. In order to attach the crochet hair, you have to use the crochet needle.

And even though the crochets are made of artificial hair, you will hardly see the difference between them and the natural hair.

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nigerian hairstyles with attachment

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