How To Sell Property In Nigeria

It may be quite a challenge to find the right house for sell in Nigeria, but selling property may be even harder. If you have a house for sell in Lagos or other area, here is how to make a profitable sale in 2018.

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1. Do a research

Wondering how to sell land fast in Nigeria? The main component of your success is knowing the market. Only when you research the real estate market to know what your property is worth, you can choose a price that will not only sell your property fast, but also meet your financial goals.

The easiest way to learn the adequate price for your property is to do an online research. Simply visit a website like Jiji, where regular Nigerians advertise their property, and find the offers that match your offer. Calculate the average market price and use it to decide on the price for your property.

How to sell property in Nigeria

2. Decide whether you need a real estate agent

Many first-time buyers prefer to hire property agents to sell their houses. There are many reputable real estate companies in Nigeria, and while this method of sales has its obvious advantages, it’s also rather expensive.

Luckily, today you can sell your house or apartment without the help of a real estate agent. All you need to do is research how property is sold in Nigeria, get ready to invest plenty of time into the sale, and use every source available to you.

3. Prepare your property for the sale

No matter how great the location or price of your house may be, buyers are very unlikely to decide in favour of your property if it looks and feels completely impossible to live in. In order to make people consider buying your house, you need to upgrade it.

We’re not talking about a full renovation, because hardly any seller has the time and money to do it. However, you can still do minor repairs, repaint the walls, take the unnecessary items out of the rooms, and improve the curb appeal of your home to impress the potential buyers.

How to sell property in Nigeria

4. Advertise your property online

In the past you need to work hard to advertise real estate houses for sale in Nigeria by buying out newspaper ads or using word of mouth advertising. These days all you need to do is sign up to Jiji, one of the leading free property advertising sites in Nigeria.

Here you can advertise your house absolutely for free, and hundreds of thousands of potential buyers will get a chance to see your ad. You can also do a few things to increase your chances of making a profitable sale:

  • Take appealing photos of your property: the need to be detailed, have good lighting, and show your home from every point of view.
  • Put special attention to the copy of your ad. Start by writing a short but concise title. When writing the description, be detailed by brief. Describe the location and condition of the property, why you’re selling it, and how you can be reached for inquiries or viewing.
  • If you want to make your ad even more visible, you can post a link to it on your social media pages or pay for your ad to be featured in the Top Ads on Jiji.

How to sell property in Nigeria

How to sell property in Nigeria

How to sell property in Nigeria

5. Proceed with the sale

If you’ve done everything right, buyers won’t keep you waiting. Make sure you’re available by phone, email, or other method of communication specified in your ad. When staging the viewing, be flexible. Don’t scare the buyers away by being too eager to sell, but don’t be too detached either.

Most buyers prefer to negotiate the price, so you can leave a little room for negotiation when choosing the price for your property. When you and the buyer have agreed on everything, all that is left to do is receive the money, sign the paperwork, and hand in the keys to the new owners.

How to sell property in Nigeria

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