How To Use Spanish Gold Fly

You may have heard about Spanish Gold Fly long before you’ve come across your first Spanish Gold Fly review – it’s one of the most famous aphrodisiacs that is known all over the world. Wondering what is Spanish Fly used for and how to use Spanish Fly? Find out right now!

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1. What is Spanish Fly?

Traditionally, Spanish Gold Fly drops were made with an extract of the emerald green beetle called cantharidin. This is one of the oldest aphrodisiac products known to man and has been described in media as the fastest way to improve a couple’s love life.

As the popularity of Spanish Fly grew, the contents of the bottle with the product changed. Today you are likely to find Spanish Gold Fly drops made with an addition of such ingredients as the female hormone progesterone, sweet almond oil, and safflower seed oil.

However, the brand behind the supplement does not publish the exact formula of the product, which is why we have to take their word for it – but, judging by the reviews, there is truth to their claims.

2. Benefits of Spanish Gold Fly

So what does their promise of an improved love life include? Spanish Gold Fly advertises the following benefits:

  • Treatment of a hormonal imbalance;
  • Increasing the libido at any age;
  • Improvement of a blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • Renewing a woman’s sensuality;
  • Boosting up the energy level and immunity.

3. Spanish Gold Fly side effects

The first thing to know about Spanish Fly side effects is that genuine extract of the green beetle is actually dangerous when ingested: it can lead to swelling, rising body temperature, and other potentially deadly side effects.

Since the drops you can buy today hardly contain any cantharidin and are made with other ingredients that benefit the reproductive system, the side effects may not be as drastic. Nevertheless, there is still a chance you will encounter the following:

  • Dryness and irritation of external reproductive organs;
  • Hormone imbalance due to the overproduction of progesterone;
  • Unexpected mood swings;
  • Stomach problems, including diarrhea;
  • A tight sensation in the chest;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Blistering and peeling of the skin.

4. How to use Spanish Gold Fly

If you’re not discouraged from trying Spanish Gold Fly by the possible side effects and want to experience the benefits of the product yourself, you’ll likely get it in form of drops that come with directions.

Usually you are to put a recommended number of drops into a drink, which can be tea, coffee, or an alcoholic beverage, 5 to 20 minutes before you expect to have intercourse. The recommended amount is 5 drops, but you may need to increase or decrease the dose in each individual case.

5. Spanish Gold Fly price in Nigeria

Spanish Gold Fly is not the world’s most expensive supplement – it is usually sold in batches from 2 to 10 bottles. A single bottle costs around ₦1,000, but you can get a better deal if shop on Jiji, where the sellers strive to keep low prices on popular products.

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