Ideas For Internet Business In Nigeria

Internet business in Nigeria is on its rise. Year by year, people discover more ways to make money online. “How to do online business?” is one of the most popular questions among young people, praising personal freedom, young moms, people looking for extra income or tired of office work.

Before learning how to start an online business, the majority has to face a complicated “for & against” decision. As a rule, the main concern is the lack of stable income at the beginning and changes in a traditional timetable. The advantages, however, are more numerous.

Advantages of Internet business

  • Minimal investment. You don’t need to pay rent and salaries and can invest money in your idea and upgrading personal skills.
  • Adjustable business hours. You decide when to work judging from the peculiarities of your work and opportunities.
  • Quick income. Define your target audience, what these people are interested in, and what resources they use, and the right targeting will bring you customers.
  • Mobility. Your location doesn’t matter – you can work from any place on the globe. A laptop and internet connection is all you need.
  • Personal fulfillment. Traditional employment often doesn’t allow to show your worth. Starting a personal web project, on the contrary, is an opportunity to apply and demonstrate all your skills and talents.

ways to make money online

25 ideas for Internet business

The number of ideas on the list of online business in Nigeria can impress you. In some way, there is a room for web representation for every business, whether you specialize in cooking, writing, finance, or any other sphere. Here are 25 ideas to consider and drive inspiration from.

  1. Webshop. Just decide what you are going to sell: cosmetics, clothes, toys, electronics or something else. Start with the research of the market and pick something you like or show discrimination in.
  2. Dropshipping. Dropshippers are the intermediaries who organize the delivery of foreign goods. After you discover American, European, Chinese, and Japanese online classifieds, you will be able to offer lots of exclusive products.
  3. Online services. You can launch a freelance website, a forum, an online platform for networking or a similar web resource.
  4. Web development. If you know a programming language, have experience in coding or application development, you won’t face difficulties with finding customers.
  5. Info business. Info products are very diverse. You can write educational and informative articles, e-books, white papers, providing interesting and useful information about what you are good at. 
  6. Digital marketing. SEO, SMM, targeting, context advertising, native advertising – the opportunities are numerous and the tools are applicable to all fields and businesses.
  7. Affiliated marketing. Sell products created by other people, from handmade to websites, and get fair commission fees.
  8. Content creation. You can sell both text and visual content so both copywriting and designing skills can bring you high profit.
  9. Blogging. It is a bit similar to info business, just with a different style of communication. You are probably familiar with the best blogging practices, so no need to explain the basics.
  10. Translating. Localization of websites and interfaces, documents translations, translation of blogs and books – the opportunities are numerous.ways to make money online
  11. Teaching & coaching. You can become an online tutor, launch online courses, become a lifestyle coach or a personal sports coach, teach yoga or playing a musical instrument online.
  12. Consulting. An office is not so necessary for helping people with legal or finance issues.
  13. Tourism. The tourism industry is experiencing the boom. If you like to plan trips and are good in this, arrange your own travel agency online and help to look for customized travel solutions.
  14. Promotion. Online influencers often turn advertising into a regular income by cooperation with famous brands.
  15. Online radio. Record podcasts, discuss serious topics and provide the listeners with the high-quality information flow.
  16. Photo & video. There are two options – you can launch a website and offer photo and video services or open a photobank and sell the content you already have.
  17. Cybersport. If gaming is your passion, give it a chance.
  18. Designing. You can create posters, design clothes, original prints for T-shirts, and much more. The selection is limited only by your imagination.
  19. Surveys and research. Start an online research agency. Conduct surveys, study important issues, summarize the statistics and sell the reports.
  20. Handmade. It doesn’t matter what you are good at – soap production, handmade cosmetics, tailoring, jewelry making, baking – you can always sell the goods online.ways to make money online
  21. Antique shop. Buy rare old goods, restore and repair them, find buyers and turn it into stable income.
  22. Gifts. You can create original handmade gifts or compose themed boxes.
  23. Real estate agency. Become a virtual real estate agent. Create the web resource for placing ads about houses, apartments, and commercial property available for rent or sale.
  24. Product testing. Write reviews for different products. Study consumer habits, learn about popular brands and become an expert who will help both sellers and prospective buyers.
  25. Event planning. You can sell scripts and plans for different events – birthday parties, weddings, corporate parties etc. With time, you can take the business forward and provide the full range of services, moving to offline if needed.