How To Prepare For Black Friday 2018

There is less than one month left until the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday 2018, and that can only mean one thing: you’d better come prepared if you want to score the most amazing deals. Here are 7 tips to help you get ready for Black Friday!

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1. Start early

The days when Black Friday was a one-day event are long gone: now you have a chance to buy your dream products for less during the three or four weeks before the big day and then during the Cyber Monday week.

That is why you need to start monitoring sales and offers as soon as Black Friday deals are announced. Add your desired products to the cart or bookmark them to keep your finger on the pulse of the price changes.

Black Friday 2018 in Nigeria

2. Stay in touch

The most effective way to make sure you don’t miss any Black Friday specials is to either sign up for the newsletters of your favourite stores or to like them on Facebook or Instagram. That way you will always be among the first ones to learn about fresh deals on Black Friday and any other day.

Black Friday 2018 in Nigeria

3. Have a list

You probably go grocery shopping with a list of stuff you need, and there is nothing wrong with doing the same with your Black Friday purchases. Not having even an approximate list of products you want to buy isn’t the best scenario for fun Black Friday shopping.

First, you’re going to spend valuable shopping time on jumping from one product to another, having difficulties making a decision, and losing your focus. Second, not having a definitive list of desired items puts you at risk of many unwanted yet expensive purchases.

Black Friday 2018 in Nigeria

4. Have a budget

Before you see the Black Friday deals with your own eyes, it’s hard to know what exactly the sellers have in store for you this year. However, you shouldn’t jump into your Black Friday shopping with an unlimited credit card.

The best strategy in this case is to allocate a single budget for all your purchases or an individual budget for each category: for example, decide how much you’re willing to spend on electronics, mobile phones, clothes, and toys.

5. Take advantage of rewards

Every store that values its customer has a wide range of rewards available to them, and while you can take advantage of them every day of the year, Black Friday is the day when the rewards can yield the most satisfying results.

Look out to promo codes, special discounts, and other form of rewards offered by the store. Whether it’s a promo code with an additional 10% discount or a cashback program, it can maximize your Black Friday shopping success.

6. Compare prices

Of course, faking a Black Friday discount is one of the worst things a store can do, but some stores will still do it this year. Choose the products you’re interested in, but before paying for them, look for the same products in other stores to make sure you’re not being overcharged.

7. Shop on Jiji

Every year Jiji plans something special for the Black Friday celebration, and 2018 is no exception. This year there will be thousands of products with huge discounts on the special Black Friday page. Buy directly from Nigerian sellers and score the best prices this Black Friday!

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