Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy s8 is equipped with a frameless display, a retina scanner, and a productive hardware platform. Currently, s8 specs are more advanced than the characteristics of devices in the whole Galaxy family, and also in the whole Android ecosystem, and many users compare the new Samsung device with the iPhone 7.

In a way, Samsung smartphone is even better than the iPhone, and this despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy s8 price lower!

Read this review – and draw your own conclusions!

samsung galaxy s8

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1. Design and ergonomics

Galaxy s8 and his older brother s8+ actually continues the design of previous generations of the Galaxy S series – but, at the same time, there are some big changes:

  • First, they have «lost» the buttons on the front panel.
  • Secondly, they expanded the display matrix in all directions, without changing the dimensions of the smartphone!

The result is a fascinating screen bent on both sides with minimal frames at the top and bottom.

This is, maybe, the greatest one of Galaxy s8 specs: we got really big smartphone in a «small package», that has the advantages of “phablets”, but easily lies on the palm of your hand.

samsung galaxy s8 price

2. Display

The s8 display is very bright and sharp. Black colors are actually black, and the iPhone can only envy it! SuperAMOLED helps to implement one of the latest Galaxy features that make the screen always active, even after blocking so you can see all notifications and time.

An enlarged screen is definitely a bomb! Now you can see more information on a screen, while the size of the case remains the same – and this is a winning solution for any user!

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samsung galaxy s8 specs

3. Performance and Android

All the applications get loaded on the Galaxy s8 faster than on the iPhone 7. Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Chrome, YouTube, banks and taxis, maps and navigators start and enter commands faster.

The whole functioning of the smartphone is faster thanks to TouchWiz and Android. You get used to quick access to all the programs, to the Edge shortcuts and to a really smart assistant.

One more thing: Android allows you to configure the system to work exactly the way you want it!

galaxy s8 specs

4. Camera

The Galaxy s8 has the same main camera as the Galaxy s7 edge and Note7 have: 12 megapixels, f/1.7 aperture – the parameters are just a little different from the characteristics that iPhone 7 Plus has, except that the aperture is slightly better.

The PRO-mode is a good news. For some users, this is a real must-have. You can control all shooting parameters: precisely set the white balance, set the aperture and shutter speed, ISO and focus points.

The front camera is greatly updated. Now it has 8 megapixels and autofocus, which is a huge rarity if we talk about the front cameras. Thanks to f/1.7 aperture it gives a better quality while shooting in the dark.

s8 specs

5. Other advantages

  • Eye unlocking.
  • Full water resistance.
  • Mini-jack.
  • Wireless charger.
  • USB Type-C.
  • Edge to Edge Screen.
  • Expandability by micro SD cards.
  • The awesome ecosystem of unique accessories like a smart DEX docking station that turns a smartphone into a computer!

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samsung galaxy s8 price in nigeria

6. Samsung Galaxy s8 specs

samsung galaxy s8 specs

7. Samsung Galaxy s8 price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy s8 smartphone will cost you ₦215,000. This price may vary depending on your region and the store you will choose to buy it.

samsung galaxy s8 price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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