The Best Cars For Women: Top 8

Women drivers want to drive the nicest vehicles possible, and while there is no such thing as strictly female cars, there are many women’s favourite cars that are a pleasure to drive, to look at, and to own. Check out the best cars for women with out top 8 list!

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1. How to choose the best car for ladies

Picking the best car for woman driver isn’t a particularly tricky challenge, but it does require you to come prepared. Here are some tips on how to find your dream car.

  • Do your research online. Before even seeing your potential car, you need to know what you’re looking for. Plus, looking at thousands of different cars will help you adequately judge the price of the car you decide to buy and will give you basis for negotiation.
  • Choose a car that is easily maintained and fuel efficient. When you buy a vehicle, you want to be able to use it every day without having to spend extra money on expensive repairs or wasting thousands on fuel.
  • If you want to save money on the purchase, opt for a used car that is 5 years old or older. Cars made in the 21st century often have largely similar features, and a 2010 model will be much more affordable than a 2017 one.

2. Top 8 best cars for women

Can’t choose from the myriad of cars for women? Here are 8 all-time favourite car models for women drivers.

1. Honda Civic

Honda Civic has been popular among women for years. It’s a beautifully designed vehicle with plenty of power, a variety of additional features, and comfy 5-seat build for transporting your whole family.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

2. Mini Cooper

No matter which Mini Cooper model you go for, it’s one of the most head-turning small cars for women available today. Besides its glamorous and instantly recognizable appearance, the Mini Cooper is packed full of latest convenience, safety, and performance features.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

3. Hyundai Accent

In case you are looking for a full-size vehicle where you don’t need to compromise style for comfort, the Hyundai Accent should be one of your top choices. The Accent is not only fast and reliable, but it is repeatedly included in the list of the most fuel efficient cars.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

4. Toyota Yaris

When thinking about nice small cars for ladies, the Toyota Yaris is exactly what most of us picture. Small but capable, this car has been around for almost two decades and has hundreds of thousands of thankful owners.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

5. Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is another legendary model on our list that is equally popular among men and women. The Polo boasts a powerful engine and refined interior in addition to its spacious build, but it’s also one of the safest cars available today.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

6. Subaru Forester

Most women prefer small and economical cars, but the driving conditions in Nigeria made a lot of ladies switch over to something more practical – for example, a Subaru Forester SUV. This vehicle will take you through even the most challenging terrains with the same level of comfort and safety.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

7. Hyundai i10

There are many reasons why the Hyundai i10 became so popular with women drivers: its small dimensions make it easy to drive and park, the fuel economy and maintenance costs mean less expenses on car ownership, and it has a strong resale value.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

8. Mazda 3

Mazda cars are known for being exceptionally reliable and safe, which is part of the Mazda 3’s charm. Its high quality interior, pleasant driving characteristics, and effortless maintenance are top other reasons to go for this model.

Best cars for women in Nigeria

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