Difference Between Closure And Frontal Hair Weaves

Synthetic and human hair lace wigs are the most popular variety of weaves available today. They are easy to install, look fantastic, and come in two types: lace closure and lace frontal. Learn everything about the differences between frontal/closure wig types right now!

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1. What is a frontal hair weave

Frontal hair weaves are everywhere right now. A frontal lace weave is typically a 13×4-inch piece that covers your head from ear to ear. The most popular variety of a frontal weave is a 100% lace piece, but you can also find weaves that combine lace with silk.

Here are some of the most gorgeous frontal weave hairstyles:

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

2. What is a closure weave

Closure wigs are hairpieces that usually have the size of 4×4 inches, although you can also find 4×3 closure weaves. These weaves are designed to cover the area from temple to temple and to be placed in the middle. Some closure hair weaves also allow you to do a side part.

Check out these beautiful closure weave hairstyles:

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

The difference between frontal and closure lace weave

3. Differences between frontal and closure weaves

Both frontal and closure weaves are very popular, but there some major differences between lace/frontal closure wigs. Here are the most important ones:

1. Size

The biggest and most obvious difference between closure and frontal weaves is the size. A closure wig is designed to cover up a portion of your head the size of the palm of your hand. This type of weaves is often used to close an install – this is where the name “closure” comes from.

Being more than twice as wide as a closure weave, a frontal weaves covers up your entire hairline from ear to ear. It may take longer to install, but it gives you more coverage, which is exactly what many women are going for.

2. Material

Both closure weaves and frontal weaves are typically made using either silk or lace. However, due to their larger size, frontal weaves are also sometimes made with a combination of silk and lace. With a closure weave, you’ll only get one or the other.

The question of whether to choose silk or lace for your weave depends largely on your preferences. Silk has a more lifelike look when you’re looking directly at it, but lace weaves can be laid much flatter for a much more natural appearance and feel.

3. Cost

The difference in size between a frontal weave and closure weave also dictates the difference in the cost. A closure weave can be several times cheaper than a frontal weave, but since the two weaves carry different functions, you hardly can substitute one for the other.

4. Installation

Due to its smaller size, a closure lace weave takes less time to be installed. However, both of these types of lace weaves are designed to make the installation process easy, so you shouldn’t experience any trouble, whether you sew it into the wig or decide to wear it as a removable piece.

5. Versatility

A closure weave is a better choice for women who hardly ever experiment with their hairstyles and prefer to wear one style every day. If you want to be able to try new hairstyles, choose a frontal weave. Plus, only frontal lace weaves allow you to wear your hair pulled back.


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