Honda Motorcycle Models And Prices

Motorcycles in Nigeria are more than a means of transportation – they are an integral part of the Nigerian lifestyle. Honda motorcycles are adored by millions of Nigerian buyers, and all of Honda latest models attract lots of attention. Find out everything about Honda motorcycle models and price in Nigeria 2018 right now!

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1. 5 reasons to get a motorcycle

Before we move to the list of Honda motorcycle models and prices, let’s find out why owning a motorcycle in Nigeria is a good idea despite the government’s occasional attempts to ban them in various states:

  1. A motorcycle is the easiest way to get exactly to the destination you need – a bus will only take you to the nearest bus stop, and a car may not be able to get there because of the size.
  2. Traffic is famously a big issue in Nigeria with car drivers spending a long time in their cars on the road simply because the traffic moves very slowly. With a motorcycle, this problem is gone, as you can fit anywhere.
  3. Motorcycles are a much more affordable alternative to cars – even a brand new motorcycle costs significantly less to buy and maintain than a car.
  4. In order to prevent your car from being stolen, you either need to own a garage or invest in an expensive alarm system. A motorcycle is so portable that you can even store it inside your own home.
  5. Fuel expenses eat up a lot of the budget of car owners, which is not a problem you will experience with a motorcycle – it’s one of the most fuel efficient modes of transportation available today.

2. Honda motorcycle price list

Honda motorcycles are beloved by Nigerian drivers for a variety of reasons: they are fast, durable, easy to maintain, and there is the right Honda bike for every taste and budget. Here is the list of all Honda bikes available in Nigeria today.

  • Honda Dio series has been around for over 30 years and is still very popular. It’s an affordable scooter bike, although the latest versions are equipped with plenty of advanced features. A Dio scooter is the cheapest entry on the Honda bikes price list: you can get it for 200,000-250,000.
  • Honda CG series is a lineup of commuter bikes with a highly recognizable appearance. These motorcycles have been in production since the late 1970s, but this model still has plenty of fans around the world. Today a Honda CG series bike is available for 250,000-400,000.
  • Honda CBR Power Bike is the most high-end motorcycle on our list. It’s a 998cc four-cylinder sportbike with a variety of features to help you enjoy every second of taking your CBR motorcycle out for a drive. Available for 7-8 million, it’s also far from being affordable, but thousands of Nigerian owners find it’s definitely worth it.

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