Braided Hairstyles 2018 That Are Worth Trying!

When you think about the perfect hairstyle that will look amazing on Nigerian woman, braided hairstyles are the first thing that come to your mind!

We know that you have seen lots ofAfrican braids hairstyles pictures, but thebraid styles are so diverse that you find something new every day.

Here we got some trendiest braided hairstyles for ladies that you can create and wear in your everyday life!

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braided hairstyles

1. African braids with beads

Decorate the classic box braid hairstyle with the bright beads and save a lot of time making your hairstyle look astounding.

Weaving beads into different braid hairstyles with long or short braids will make you look fresh and trendy, increasing your chances to get the full bag of compliments from everyone around!

braid styles

2. Fulani inspired natural hair braids

These braids are your must-have in 2018, and here you can see how to wear them in style. You can easily recreate this hairstyle with the wonderful beads!

african braids

3. Black braided hairstyles: the Big Bun

Remember Taraji P. Henson wearing amazing Fulani braids to promote Empire in South Africa?

This hairstyle will give you so much gorgeousness, that it will be really hard to choose your favorite element: the precisely laid down braids, or the plaits – or a huge bun highlighted swirling braids high atop your head?

One thing is for sure: all that creates an absolutely epic look!

natural hair braids

4. Latest braid styles: multi-braided cornrows

This style is unique and creative, because it is made from multiple braiding styles.

You can see the double side braids, the center braid, and even a braided design in-between. This is an amazing option for the spring and summer parties!

black braided hairstyles

5. Braided hairstyles for black women: gradient & gold hoop

It seems like everyone got obsessed with this look now!

Janelle Monáe had set it in motion at Rockefeller Plaza: an amazing hairstyle with the thick braids and a black to silvery white ombré…

latest braid styles

6. Braided hairstyles for girls: all back braids

All back braided hairstyles are simple, minimalistic, very convenient, but also extremely lovely!

SO if you have a good face shape, then this is your perfect option! Also, you can try the half-back braids, that are really easy to make: just pull half of the braids from aside and tie them in a ponytail.

braided hairstyles for ladies

7. Types of braids for black hair

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