How To Start Ankara Selling Business: 7 Crucial Steps

Ankara style (or “Native African style”, as we all know it) is so popular that you can’t miss the boat if you decide to sell fashionable Ankara clothing!

This is one of the many reasons why Ankara selling business is one of the most lucrative ones. More than that, you don’t have to have links or reinvent the wheel to promote your business.  

 Now we are going to tell you what you will need to start your Ankara business and give you some tips to make it more successful!

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start ankara selling business

1. Acquire the skills & get an experience

If you want to start your own Ankara boutique business, keep in mind that it will be profitable only if you know the craft. Be different and creative to stand out from the crowd!

It will take at least six months to acquire this skill. First, you should find a good skill acquisition center or an experienced tailor and acquire all the necessary skills. After some time, you will be able to show your first Ankara designs.

start ankara boutique

2. Target your niche

You’ll have to decide what niche you want to work in. Start from your audience: who are your main clients (men or women), grown-ups or children? What is their average income?

The main thing is to attract your potential customers: you can even buy ready-made Ankara clothing, but it should be specific!

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start online ankara boutique

3. Set up your own Ankara boutique

Here, you will need a space to display your creations. Find a location with a huge pedestrian traffic; choose the one that is close to your potential customers. Remember: the location is one of the most important things that affect the success of your business.

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start ankara selling business

4. Go online!

If you want your business to grow, you should think about your online presence. We live in the era of blogs and social media, so start getting your followers immediately.  

Popular social media like Facebook and Instagram will help you to boost your sales, make the promotion and marketing campaigns easier and effective. The blog will expose your unique brand, and it will serve as a perfect portfolio.

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start ankara clothing business

5. The cost of Ankara boutique business

If you want to get the results faster, you should consider buying already made Ankara boutique business. You will need approximately N500,000 to buy the space, fabrics and some necessary equipment.

Also, you can start your Ankara selling business from home (but having the business expansion in mind) and still make your money.

start ankara boutique

6. The potential profits

Depending on the design that you will choose, one Ankara gown can cost more than N20,000 (more than 50,000 in Lagos or Abuja).  When you will have the clear idea of your target market, you will easily determine the perfect prices to sell your goods.With the right location, you can do a million per month.

Always remember, that you will easily triple your sales if you go online!

selling ankara clothing

7. Advertising

Create a well-known brand – choose the right ways to promote your business:

  • Get an attractive and bright signpost in front of your Ankara boutique.
  • Make some creative and memorable business cards and spread them in every place your potential clients usually visit.
  • Advertise your business on local television/radio stations (one-minute airtime isn’t up to N2000 in some states of Nigeria).
  • Use the potential of the greatest and most authoritative free classified websites like Jiji – show your offer to millions of your potential customers!
  • Popular social media like Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter, specialized forums are just perfect places to promote your growing business.
start ankara business


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