Would You Rock Ankara Braids?

2019 has just started, but there is already a new hairstyle trend that promises to take over the beauty world this year. Meet Ankara braids and check out the best way to rock the new trend!

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1. How the trend started

Even though the Ankara braid trend has gained traction in late 2018, it has actually started in 2017. The mastermind behind Ankara braids is the Cote d’Ivoire-based hairstylist Laetitia Ky.

Ankara braids

Laetitia first showcased beautiful Ankara braids on her personal Instagram. Braids made with Ankara became even more popular when Laetitia Ky recreated her iconic hairstyle for the beloved music artist Di’Ja.

Ankara braids

Since then, Ankara braids have gotten even more popular, with hundreds of Instagram models, celebrities, and fashionistas trying on the fabulous and unique Ankara braids.

2. How to wear Ankara braids

Ready to try the most popular hairstyle for African women of 2019? Here are some of the best styles featuring Ankara braids.

Ankara braids are all about the colour. They can be an effortless way to add some vibrant shades into your everyday look without spending money on new clothes!

Ankara braids

Ankara braids are very popular with adults, but some of the younger fashionistas also love trying on new hairstyle trends. We can’t help but admire this girl’s gorgeous Ankara dress and matching braids!

Ankara braids

Straight long Ankara braids in a bold colour – there is no other hairstyle that will both highlight your natural beauty and show off your love for authentic African fashion.

Ankara braids

While most of the early adopters of the growing Ankara braid trend have been the ladies, men also couldn’t stand aside of the new style. Here is how Ankara braids look on guys!

Ankara braids

If you want to incorporate Ankara into your hairstyle but are not in the mood for the usual long Ankara braids, check out the combination of two of everyone’s favourite things in fashion – Ankara and bantu knots!

Ankara braids

Laetitia Ky, the hairdresser who started the whole Ankara braid trend, continues to recreate the same hairstyle for anyone who wants to try it. We love the striking colours of these Ankara braids!

Ankara braids

Here is another version of Ankara bantu knots. It’s definitely a bold look, but if you’re not afraid to take fashion risks, this hairstyle should be right up your street.

Hairdressers who work with Ankara braids believe that there is no hairstyle that can’t be recreated with Ankara, and, judging by these flat Ankara braids, we tend to agree!

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