Temperament Types And Marriage: All You Wanted To Know!

Temperaments and relationships are tightly bounded. Knowing the temperament of your partner will definitely help you understand the motives of his behavior and choose the right tactics for communication.

If you have studied the features of different types of temperament, you can avoid conflict situations in the family or, at least, reduce them to a minimum.

Now we will tell you all about the compatibility of temperament types and marriage!

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temperament types and marriage

1. Sanguine and melancholic relationship

With a careless word or act (imperceptibly to himself), a sanguine person can hurt the sensitive strings of a vulnerable spouse.

And yet, people with these types of temperament have a chance to be happy together: an optimistic sanguine person can give confidence to the constantly doubting melancholic.

different types of temperament

2. Melancholic and melancholic

The life of two melancholic people can be boring and dramatic, since each of them will be hard to endure any trouble. The sad mood of one of them will be increased by the insults and dissatisfaction of the other.

how to know your temperament

3. Choleric and melancholic relationship

An unbalanced choleric can easily offend a vulnerable melancholic who is keenly reacting to every word his partner says. Choleric quickly forgets about the conflict, while melancholic may be worrying about the quarrel for several days or even longer.

types of temperament

4. Choleric and choleric

Since it is almost impossible to change the type of temperament, it is worth discussing a scheme for settling conflicts from the very beginning, since it will be really hard to avoid them.

It will be a good idea for both of you to learn the technique of self-control!

temperament types and marriage

5. Phlegmatic and phlegmatic

Phlegmatic people can create a very strong and reliable alliance. Each of them will cherish family relationships.

Conflicts in such families are rare, yet your discontent with each other can have a protracted nature and develop into a long «cold war».

different types of temperament

6. Phlegmatic and choleric relationship

The imperturbability of phlegmatic is good for the impertinence of choleric. The impulsive outbursts of choleric will remain unanswered, making it impossible to create a conflict.

But the coldness of the phlegmatic person can cause offense and misunderstanding of the emotional choleric person.

temperaments and relationships

7. Sanguine phlegmatic relationships

Sanguine, due to its softness and pliability, will find the right approach to unemotional phlegmatic.

sanguine phlegmatic relationships

8. Phlegmatic melancholic relationship

Melancholic and phlegmatic have good chances for a successful marriage since most likely none of them will have a destructive effect on the partner’s psyche. However, they should beware of protracted conflicts.

Phlegmatic melancholic relationship

9. Sanguine and sanguine

It is not easy for two sanguine people to live peacefully together, as each of them tends to be a leader, and the emotionality of one, multiplied by the emotionality of the second one can give an unpredictable result.

types of temperament

10. Sanguine and choleric

Sanguine & choleric couple usually faces the struggle for leadership. A softer and more tactful sanguine person often has to give in and put up with an unrestrained and impatient spouse.

temperament types and marriage

11. How to know your temperament

The 4 Temperaments

Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (enthusiastic, active, and social), choleric (short-tempered, fast, or irritable), melancholic (analytical, wise, and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).

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