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How To Draw Perfect Eyebrows: 5 Simple Step By Step

Makeup trends come and go all the time: one month everyone is going crazy about contouring, and a month later it turns out that strobing is the next best thing.

However, some things remain in vogue all the time, and perfect eyebrows are definitely among those things.

With sharp, beautifully drawn eyebrows your look will become complete, making your eyes stand out even with minimal makeup.

Find out how to draw a perfect eyebrow and never struggle with drawing of eye brows again!

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1. How to make eyebrows: what you will need

Fill in patches.

  • Use an eyebrow pencil or dust on powder with an angled brush.
  • When using a fine pencil, fill in with multiple light strokes to mimic the look of individual hairs.
  • Delicately brush off excess pigment with a clean makeup brush.
  • Add another layer of pigment and do another brush-off.

The makeup industry understands the importance of ideal eyebrows very well, which is why now you can find dozens of products designed specifically for helping you achieve that perfect eyebrow look. The most common eyebrow tool is a pencil: it’s rather easy to use and you can find many tutorials on how to draw eye brow using a pencil.

Another popular eyebrow product is gel: it can be clear, made for taming eyebrow hairs, or tinted – in that case it will also deepen the color of your brows.

Makeup artists from around the world swear by another product – eyebrow powder and wax, which gives your eyebrows a much more pronounced look and is great for photoshoots or special occasions.

Eyebrow pomade combines the best qualities of powder and wax in one product. Finally, if you can’t find the eyebrow shape that will suit you the most, you can use special eyebrow stencils and simply fill them in with a pencil.

2. How to prepare your eyebrows

Before giving your brows a makeover, it’s important to give them the desirable shape. Use your tweezer to pluck stray hairs above, below, and between the eyebrows.

Make sure not to overdo the tweezing, as thin eyebrows are now a thing of the past. If your eyebrow hairs are too long, consider trimming them with tiny scissors or an eyebrow razor.

3. How to draw perfect eyebrows step by step

  1. Use an angled brush and eyebrow pomade to outline your eyebrows from the top and the bottom.
  2. Take your favourite highlighter or a special eyebrow highlighting pencil and draw a line outside of your eyebrows.
  3. Blend the highlighter well to achieve the most natural look.
  4. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the rest of the eyebrows in short and precise strokes, keeping the widest part of the brows lighter and using more color towards the ends.
  5. Take a spoolie, which is essentially a clear mascara brush, to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards and blend in the pencil.
  6. If you have unruly eyebrows, apply some clear gel to help the hairs stay in place and the makeup last longer.

These 6 steps will help you achieve an ideal eyebrow look every time you’re doing makeup. You can customize the process for different occasions.

For example, on a workday you may do without a highlighter, or make a more defined eyebrow shape on a special day. Check out this video to master the art of drawing eyebrows.

How to do eyebrows with pencil

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