25 Latest Ankara Styles For Weddings 2019

A wedding is a very rare and special occasion, whether you are the happy bride or groom, bridesmaid or best man, or one of the guests at the event. That is why everyone tries to look their best whenever there is a wedding to attend.

No matter what kind of wedding you are invited to, a traditional outfit is always a sensible and stylish choice. Check out the most beautiful Ankara styles for weddings right now!

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1. Long Ankara dresses

The most popular and classic choice of an Ankara outfit for a wedding is, of course, a floor-length gown. Long Ankara gowns for the wedding have the perfect combination of fashion and tradition while also being very feminine and flattering to any figure. If you’re looking for the latest Ankara styles for traditional wedding, a long gown is the best possible choice.

The only downside of a floor-length Ankara dress is that there are not too many occasions where you can wear it – but it can also be a good thing since every lady can benefit from having one special, stunning and lavish item in her closet.

2. Short Ankara gowns

An ideal example of trendy Ankara styles for weddings is a knee-length dress. This type of gowns, also known as cocktail dresses, are a far more casual choice of a wedding attire, which is great for ladies who want to follow the latest trends in their formal looks.

The silhouette of your knee-length Ankara dress can depend on your body shape and your favorite style of dresses. Many women go for figure-hugging dresses, but loose-fitting gowns are also very popular thanks to being very flattering to any body type.

3. Peplum Ankara dresses

Another very popular choice of Ankara styles for wedding occasion is a peplum dress or a combination of a peplum top and pencil skirt. This style is a women’s favorite not only for weddings but also for everyday wear thanks to a number of reasons.

First, it makes any type of figure look better by slimming it down and highlighting the curves in the right places. Second, a peplum dress or suit is an outfit you can wear anywhere after the wedding, which makes it a pretty good investment.

4. Suits and separates

One of the latest Ankara styles for a wedding to try is a combination of an Ankara top or bottom or an Ankara suit. There are many options for you if you want to create a trendy Ankara look for a wedding.

First, you can buy a peplum top and pair it with trousers or a skirt in a matching color. This type of a wedding outfit is great for one reason: you can create numerous combinations with the pieces of the look.

Second, you can go for an Ankara suit, which can consist of a jacket or top with a skirt or pants. This is also a very versatile choice that allows you to wear separate pieces of the wedding outfit in everyday life – for example, an Ankara jacket can be a stylish part of your office look.

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