Yoruba Hairstyles, That Will Astonish Everyone

Yoruba traditional hairstyles have always been more of an art – with their complicated structure, formed with multiple braids of different size, with additional accessories and jewelry on top.

They really require a lot of time and effort to make, but it really pays off with a gorgeous look you get in the end. Most of these hairstyles require making a lot of braids, that’s why they are often called Yoruba didi hairstyles because of didi braiding style.

If you are ready to invest in your hair as well, here are a few Yoruba hairstyles, that will make you feel and look like a queen.Yoruba hairstyles

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1. Shuku (Suku) hairstyles

Shuku (which means basket in English) is one of the most popular traditional hairstyles. Once it was worn only by queens, and it must’ve really suited their status.

Shuku hairstyle with attachment is pretty easy to make, as it is formed by braids, bundled on top or on the back of your head. It is comfortable to wear at home and stylish enough to go out with it on.Shuku

2. Patewo hairstyles

This hairdo is pretty old too, but right now it makes a comeback among the latest Yoruba hairstyles. Patewo translates as “clap your hands”, and it is exactly what this hairstyle resemblances.

It consists of braids, that go from the left and right side of your hair and meet about in the middle. They create a wavy mohawk, that really looks like two hands put together. The more braids you make, the more complicated and interesting the hairstyle looks. Patewo hairstyles  latest Yoruba hairstyles

3. Koroba hairstyles

Now let’s look at more fun hairstyle. Koroba hairstyle would be great for you if you want to experiment with something original.

Its name means “bucket”, and, as in previous cases, the name fits the style. It is made by braids coming from the top of the head down, with ends of the braids often twisted. It is often decorated with beads, preferably bright-colored ones.Koroba hairstyles

4. Ojokopeti hairstyles

This style is somewhat similar to patewo, only this time the braids are laid from one ear to another. Its asymmetrical styling makes the style quite eye-catching. The braids could either be tied together tightly or create a water-like wavy structure.

Take a look at these Yoruba hairstyles pictures to choose, which suits you best. Both variations are often made not with natural hair, but with wool or rubber.Ojokopeti hairstyles Yoruba hairstyles pictures

5. Calabar hairstyle

Calabar is also one of more fun and original, yet simple hairstyles. To make it, you should divide your hair into sections and make balls or knots with each section. This hairstyle creates a bit childish and playful, flirty look, which will work great at a party.Calabar hairstyle

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