Asymmetrical Dresses You Will Love!

Asymmetrical dresses have been on the peak of popularity for many years, and still they are a wonderful choice to consider!

First of all, asymmetric gowns attract us by the chaotic disorder that symbolizes freedom and ease. Secondly, thanks to the asymmetrical cut, a woman can demonstrate that exact parts of the body that she wants, and she won’t look vulgar!

Let’s find out more about the designer asymmetrical dresses and check out the latest dress models!

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asymmetrical dress styles

1. Advantages of asymmetrical dresses

  • Asymmetrical dresses help you to look more seductive and visually improve your silhouette.
  • You can emphasize the dignity of the figure, and easily hide the flaws.
  • This style looks fresh and shockingly sexy!
asymmetrical dress styles

2. Types of asymmetrical gowns

Asymmetrical dresses have at least one asymmetric detail. These details can be:

• The sleeves. The dress with one sleeve looks quite unique. Such models are most often presented in the collections of evening or cocktail gowns. It is a perfect choice for any celebration! Often, the asymmetrical sleeves in such a dress are complemented with the asymmetrical skirt.

• The skirt. This is the most popular type of asymmetrical dresses. It is a great option if you want to demonstrate your beautiful legs, but you don’t like mini gowns or mini skirts. In dresses with an asymmetrical skirt, the hems can be either beveled back and to the side.

• Plume. In such asymmetrical dresses models, the elongated back part of the skirt along with the shortened front is the main accent. Best of all, they will look on tall girls with beautiful slim legs.

• The neckline. Dresses with an asymmetrical neckline are especially popular with girls and women with beautiful shoulders. Such dress will help you to visually align the asymmetry of the chest. The best example of such an asymmetry is a one-shoulder strap.

asymmetrical gowns in nigeria

3. Asymmetrical Maxi gowns

Maxi dresses with asymmetrical tailoring details will never leave the Fashion Olympus!

It is one of the easiest ways to create a special and attractive look. There are many dress models that look just like the classic one-shoulder gowns, but they are more interesting, because they have maximum asymmetrical details.

Asymmetrical off shoulder maxi gowns are also extremely popular!

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Asymmetrical Maxi gowns

4. Chiffon dresses with asymmetrical hem

This is a win-win choice for ladies with the seductive curves. Usually, the back of a skirt has the mid-shin length, while the lenght of the front part of a skirt is above the knee. Such a design idea visually increases the length of your silhouette.

chiffon dress with asymmetrical hem

5. Asymmetrical antique-style dress-toga

Another attractive style that is often used for asymmetrical dresses is antique-style dress-toga. Your shapes are attractively draped and look unusually seductive in such a dress!

The asymmetrical dress with one shoulder, perhaps, is the most bellowed one amongst the asymmetrical dresses. Being an everyday style, it often surprises us with the new details and ideas.

Such an outfit will attract the attention to the top of the silhouette and serve as a magnet that will attract everyone around.

Asymmetrical antique-style dress-toga

6. Chic and classy Ankara high low gowns

You can wear the off-shoulder high lowdresses as a wedding guest, you can wear them to birthday parties, red carpet events and other exceptional occasions!

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 ankara high low dress

Summer Asymmetric Dresses

Hey! This is what we wore for our last day of school! We love the dresses and think it will be great for spring and summer. Thanks for watching!

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